I thought connor was an incredible character. Really different than the kinds of characters you see today who are usually just all flash and looks and with really bad attitudes, a want for revenge and real short tempers. He stood up for what he believed in, never gave up, never backed regardless of how many people put him down. He was humble, brave, strong, had a generally calm, stoic personality, and while he did have his flaws and make his mistakes, that just made him human. And, just as an added bonus, he was also attractive physically. Please remember, you are entitled to your opinion and I to mine. Please leave out any negative feedback. Thank you.

Connor had the deepest skill set and toolbox to get the job done. I think the only other assassin in the series, to date, who could hang with Connor toe-to-toe would be Altair but that is based purely off the combat systems and how many different offensive and defensive maneuvers are available to each assassin. Connor combined agility, blazing speed, and slick take downs with the likes of his rope hook and tomahawk... This dude was a warrior that stood out amongst war heroes from the colonies, the British empire, and even the hessians...known bad asses. He also had the most noble set of characters and lacked the vices found teeming in Ezio and Edward. Assassin's Creed 3 is not well-liked for a reason I cannot understand. I think most video game nerds live vicariously through Ezio as how he is portrayed as some kind of charming womanizer. I really loved Assassin's Creed Revelations though, it's my third favorite after the original, and then 3. 4 Is awesome too...after Unity--I disowned ...more

Connor has a very touching story. He wanted revenge from the beginning, but later as the story progressed, he grew wiser and wiser. Even when he learned that it was not Lee who burnt his village but the patriots, he still favored them and made a big contribution in their freedom. Assassin's Creed 3 has a very great moral. It makes people understand that one gets nothing from revenge, and even if everything turns against you, you must abide by your ideals. Connor not only prayed for his allies but also for his enemies. A great soul he was.

Connor acts like a Batman figure, less words more fists. This is what makes him much more of an Assassin than anybody else in my opinion. Connor also acts like the most "Bad as" out of all the other Assassins. I know all Assassins have their own personal weapon that's not the Hidden Blade but the best to me is Connor's Tomahawks, this is mostly because they express his character. Connor has a story which is a mix of my favorite hero stories, Luke Skywalker (because his dad's a templar), and Batman (because his mom and dad died).

Assassins Creed is a really good series with a number of characters. And three has to be my favorite because of Connor. If you watched the trailer then you know how bad ass he is. He runs through a town being bombarded by canons and blows up two ships. Then comes back charges through the enemy's defenses( he actually sneaks through but you get the point) and then assassinates the commander. And not only that but he almost single handedly tracks and kills all of the templars in the colonies. SPOILER ALERT. And the ending was just awesome he chase the last Templar through a burning boat gets shot after he stabs him and then tracks him down while wounded and slowly puts a knife in his head.

Most people discredit Connor. When compared to other assassin's (ezio), he is actually far more stealthy if the player knows what he is doing. Utilizing bushes and treetops is in valuable. When it comes to combat he is also by far the most skilled via his double counter. Lore wise... I mean he killed his father. Originally Connor could scalp people, but Ubisoft pulled the plug on that. How brutal is that?

Connor has to be the best he dealt with the most painful and sorrow out of all of these he lost his family and killed his father he went through intense training and fought for a country he didn't have to protect he is the best character and people say he's a coward and a crybaby but try losing your mother right in front of your eyes by your father's friends he has the right to cry for his losses I am glad I got to play with a character as great as he is.

Connor is the most juggernaut. Quiet, but a killing machine, Ezio doesn't have this he is more flashy. Connor climbs trees. That's straight up beast. Don't talk to me.

Connor is the best assassin because he has bear powers eagle powers and wolf powers he has the best finishers and has tomahawk and a bow awesome! He also has the best hidden blade because he can turn it into a knife and that's why Connor Kenway is the best assassin in assassins creed history.

How did he get #7 he should have been in top 3! He had an interesting story and it linked with a war you learn in HISTORY class. What better way to learn it then play it yourself. Connor may not have the same personality as Ezio but he brought the Assassins back in to business again unlike Achilles who let it be swept away.

I think Connor deserves number 1. He has had the least experience out of all the assassin's creed yet he is still an amazing guy. He is sworn to protect our nation and his people from the Templars and will stop at nothing no matter how painful. He went from being an Indian hunting orphan to a bad ass assassin.

You all hate connor but I know I seen the comments he's a native not an Indian you people can be raciest you hate him for what for fact he you all attitude him like a piece of dirt you are all arrogant that judge by appearance maybe if you knew the real story you all wouldn't be racist

Played 3, loved Connor, then tried 2, just garbage. Connor's moves in double combat and combo's with a rope dart were just straight up nasty. He could use any tool at his disposal to finish a man and in his story he spends many months perhaps years perfecting his skills with Achillies. Not sure why people hate this dude so much but one thing is for sure, pound for pound this guy would wreck any other assassin 1 on 1, even Ezio.

Connor was an incredible character. He is more fit than any other assassin. He has many skills and better than Ezio. Connor has an excellent stealth and fighting skills.

The story of Connor is touching. He runs faster than any assassin.

He's the Reborn American Assassin. You haters are racist because he's not white. White America is immigrate descended not Native Americans. Connor is way better than all Assassins and I'm White American.

I see great potential in him, he is kind, loyal and also, a great hearted person. Connor is serious because come on, he doesn't have a reason for be happy, he loses his mother with only five years, Haytham never likes him already as a son even as a friend. And not mention the fact he lost a lot of people. Of course I agree about his serious-like atitude. And I think his dedication for vegence his mother and do whatever it costs and his childish vision of freedom are noble issues and not everybody can really be good like this. His innocence and determination for a better world or the way he aways want to be a hero touched me. He are not the best assassin, but please call Edward Kenway a assassin is like saying a donkey is a horse. Come on he is not all this and personaly, I never liked Edward. After all even an assassin he is.

Everyone really hates connor but I really like him because of how you can see him grow up and change from a impatient kid looking for revenge, to a calm assassin. Also connor has the best close combat skills and could fight assassin in a 1 on 1.

In the trailer for assassins creed 3, Connor takes on an entire army and kills the general of that army. In assassins creed 3, he hardly ever needs to use his hidden blades because he is so good at hand to hand combat that he doesn't need stealth. As a boy his entire village was burned down. Not only did he do all of that, but he killed his father, hathem kenway in hand to hand combat. Connor is the best assassin

Connor, to me was a hero. Many peaple disapproved him for being boring and not having armor but I think this was the good part because who needs an armor to protect himself like a baby? Ezio took a lot of support but Connor was all by himself and still did the impossibles possible. He had so much tragedy yet he stood up. He was modest and was a friend not a flirt.

The rage of the suppressed and the voiceless is justified through the skills and actions of Connor

He is the most skilled and he was born an assassin and he was born an hunter. He has seen thing no assassin has he killed HIS OWN FATHER and he was just so cool he took on an army BY HIMSELF REMEMBER THAT!

Conner is just awesome, love it. He's a quiet killing machine. He knows a lot no armor. He knows how to climb trees very well

Connor was pretty awesome, unlike Ezio who was a generic Hollywood hero who appeals to teen boys who fantasize about being with girls

He is great, he is a juggernaut killing machine, with dagger and axe he will kill anyone that blocking his way

Connor I think should be first come on man he's a man who is not afraid of seeing horrible things Thought Ezio is like really talented I say Connor Ezio Altair or Ezio Connor Altair