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21 Sofia Sartor

She is an underrated character. So intelligent and kind. a perfect match for Ezio

Is this this ezios middle aged girlfriend when he is 60 years and older what she is just ezios sex toy and great friend / girlfriend

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22 Hope Jensen

-Hope: (to Shay) Pity... You had so much potential.

Funny. That's exactly what I said when I finished playing the game.

She's not the best but I liked her she's awesome I hated killing her - 2storm

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23 Mario Auditore

It's easy to forget his part in assassin's creed 2 his part was really helpful to ezio he trained him the skills he had needed to survive with

"You don't recognize me? It's a me, Mario! "Best line in the entire series (if you don't count the more philosophical ones)

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24 Elise

She is a woman with guts and honour. Her charisma, her complete and utter determination, her stubbornness, even her arrogance and haughtiness. I bloody love everything about that woman.

She's the reason why I bought Unity

I'd put here Achilles Davenport since he is a awesome character in both Rogue and III.He trained many and basically was a very famous mentor in the colonial brotherhood of Assassins.

She is ugly

25 Aveline

Why is she not far more up, she was an amazing assassin and A WOMAN.

She got that 4.0 forty time

Aveline is awesome!

Her game was the first ac game I played and is still my second favorite, my first being black flag

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26 Shaun Hastings

He is very funny who could not vote fot a guy who is serious yet funny like in mash

27 Ah Tabai

Ah Tabai is the worst in the world! God I hate him

28 Shao Jun

Pretty good character. They need to make a game for her, but better than Liberation. Let's be honest I mean Liberation got a 62/100 Metascore.

29 Sean Hastings
30 Bartolomeo d'Alviano
31 Melanie Lemay V 2 Comments
32 Caroline Scott-Kenway
33 Ulfric Stormcloak

Really helped free narnia from the clutches of the evil galactic empire

Nobody can match him. He is truly the greatest assassin of all time.

I hope this is a joke

Lol what? - Gruunge

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34 Maria

Loved her character. Felt so bad for her as well.

35 Caterina Sforza V 2 Comments
36 Arbaaz Mir

An awesome assassin from India, with a hidden blade that separates to make three blades

He is the best and sexy character

37 Yusuf V 1 Comment
38 Je KK Moeder
39 La Volpe
40 Nikolai Orelov
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