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41 Charles Dickens V 1 Comment
42 Claudia

Claudia was ezios sister and he always looked after As after her. Claudia. Was a good character and had a big part of assasins creed 2 and Brother hood

43 Subject 16

It's a pity he was in Revelations, because it really was a great game, just sadly overshadowed by the others. I've always loved the insane characters in stories, and 16 definitely doesn't disappoint. I also like his voice acting and animation, they seem somehow much more real than every other character.

Favorite's Altair, though.

He has such an interesting story. It's a shame people don't know more about him since Revelations is such an overlooked game.

44 Rosa

Clearly the best would Have been major in brotherhood had her voice actor not died

45 Warren Vidic
46 Giovanni Auditore
47 Paola

Another boss woman. And an assassin!

48 Hattori Hanzo

How is hattori hanzo a assassins creed character that's the person who forget kill bills katana

49 Nikolai Orelov
50 Mirabeau
51 Abbas Sofian
52 Jack Rackham
53 Duncan Little
54 George Washington George Washington George Washington was the first President of the United States, the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.
55 Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin
56 George Monro
57 Federico Auditore
58 Ziio V 1 Comment
59 Bartholomew Roberts

Why is he so low? He's an amazing character. Not saying he should be number one, but should be in the top 10. - Gruunge

1he can't die because he tries to drug you in ac4 he is a master pirate he was also the one who found the observery before the Spanish army. He is amazing. He is the only pirate that has mostly a African American crew I think he should be one of top ten.

60 Rebecca Crane
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