Best Assault Rifles In Call of Duty: Black Ops

The Top Ten


Best gun in black ops by far very accurate and a smooth fast fire rate

2 Galil

Galil is the best all around gun in BO hands down especially with a silencer

3 AK47
4 Commando

It is the best assault rifle in all games it deserves to be number 1.
It has great shooting speed. It has enough ammo to kill over 5 enemies. It is the perfect killing machine.

6 M16

I love the mw2 version not the 2-3 trigger pull version from black ops.
all the guns are pretty much the same.

7 G11

Except for attachment variation the G11 is much better and able to kill along extreme sidelines. Fantastic burst fire speed and DMG. Awfully underrated gun.

8 M14
10 Enfield
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