Having made my chosen profession and living in combat, I wouldn't at all disagree with this. First and foremost, It goes bang every time you need it. A rifle absolutely must be reliable to the point that it will outlive several soldiers who wield it, even in the worst conditions. Secondly, any AK in either 7.62x39 or 5.45x39 is going to impart a devastating wound on whatever it hits. It's essential to kill your enemy right now before he kills you. Thirdly, the accuracy is good enough for any sort of firefight that is in assault rifle range. For 500m plus, there are Designated Marksman and Machine Guns for that. Fourthly, it's a real weapon. It does what it is supposed to do without any finesse, apologies, or excuses. It enables the soldier to win the fight, destroy the opposition, and win the battle. I doubt that I would be here without my faithful AKM. 50+ years of kicking ass and it's still with me in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Russia, Colombia, and Moldova. Hats off to my favorite ...more

Most reliable. Made to spit lead and spit it well. Didn't jam in the Vietnam war. Unlike the M16.

If a weapon has been around for over half a decade, it has got to be doing something right! The ak-47 is hands down the most reliable weapon ever, my cousin's had one for around 8 years and to this day it works better than any new m4a1 or m16. My point is that one the field you need a weapon that can take tremendous abuse and never complain and the ak lives up to that. As for people who complain about accuracy, THIS IS NOT A SNIPER RIFLE! I mean come on, marksmen are there for a reason! Also, my personal experience says I have never seen a gun that does not jam after shooting over 500 rounds, or a gun that can be unjammed by a single stroke of the thumb.

Also I saw a rather funny comment as to this gun being difficult or expensive to manufacture, a single rifle can be manufactured by a poor and under resourced person (without the fancy machinery) in under a day.

Yes, its not very customizable, but that has never been an issue, on the field you can't expect a gun with an ...more - anm991

The "Avtomat Kalashnikova" 47 is a truly amazing gun. Based off of the first assault rifle in the world, the German StG 44, this simple yet powerful design tears the limbs off of it's targets. The AK-47 is especially powerful at close ranges, with it's fully automatic function, yet more accurate than you would think at long distances when using select fire.

Most of the comments here are from people who play Call of Duty and other silly unrealistic games like that. If you want to learn about weapons, go out and shoot one. Or you could try what the United States Military uses, ARMA II, for all the people out there who can't afford an actual gun.

The AK is definitely the best gun. It might not be the most accurate, but the power is extreme. more kinetic power than a 5.56, meaning much more power than a stupid M16. Again, the accuracy is not that bad. It can still hit targets over around 400 yards. The AK is TOUGH. It can survive extreme conditions, like being smashed by a tank. The M16 jams easily, meaning there is a possibility that the gun will jam when you didn't want it to jam.

A gun brought on the market in 1949 and yet succeeds to be unsurpassed in reliability. Very easy to clean although it rarely needs cleaning anyways.

Rusty old AK's laying around from before 1960 are still more reliable than a bunch of brand new M16's. Bring this gun through hell and throw some mud on it when you come back home, and it will still shoot.

Low cost, low maintenance, sheer firepower and high quality make this gun, from the moment it got out of the factory in 1949 the best assault rifle ever made

The AK is just the best assault rifle, hands down. Yes, while the 416 may be more accurate, any trained shooter can do just as well with an AK. The 7.62 round has much more kinetic energy than the 5.56 which thus translates to more stopping power. Also, most importantly, this rifle is THE most reliable gun on the planet. It will simply function under any circumstances. While yes, I do love the 416 and SCAR, the AK-47 just outweighs them in almost any category. It has truly earned the right to be called the best assault rifle in the world.

-The more you know about fighting with a gun, the more you'd appreciate what an AK is about.
-Most combat distances occur within 300 meters, so an AK is plenty accurate for the given task
-This weapon is going to save your life
-No one cares about how many lasers and scopes you have on your gun when it jams(M4)
-The ar is a sporting rifle used for shooting competitions, the AK is a weapon used to kill people
-This is a MAN's weapon of choice

Simply put, any assault rifle on this list will beat every other one, as long as it has more ammunition. One could really care less what assault rifle they have, provided they can sustain it with sufficient ammunition to whatever the task requires; hunting, protection, combat, etc. AK-47 with 0, or even 100 rounds sucks compared to M16 with more ammunition. However, AK-47 with equal or more rounds when compared to M16 will most likely be more potent. When one considers a weapon, they should also consider the cartridge it fires. Great, you have your rifle, now do you have your ammunition? No? Then your individual rifle is the worst weapon ever. Which means I would pick a mediocre or moderately decent assault rifle that has more ammunition than the best assault rifle that only has a few rounds any day of the week.

The AK-47 is way more reliable than the M-16 and that has been proven in the Vietnam conflict. The M-16 was jammed by mud, dirt, sand, and even by its own bullets. The AK-47 uses large parts instead of smaller parts, which makes it much easier to clean. The Ak-47 transfers 3 times more kinetic energy than an M-16, and is arguably the best gun in the modern world.

Yeah, it does not have the best range or accuracy, but most people cannot shoot an M-16 to its full potential. The thing that makes the Ak-47 so great is that it can be used by anyone And can be taken care of with a minimal amount of time and equipment. If I was in a life or death situation, I would want an AK style rifle that I knew was going to keep working no matter what.

Not the best AR in my opinion it's a outstanding AR impossible to jam but that doesn't make it the best there's plenty newer ARs that can't jam that are more accurate have less recoil and look better and everything the AK47 is a famous gun but has Been outdated and by the way the AK47 was a copy off of World War 2 Nazi assault rifle called the STG 44 just look it up.

No doubt this gun and its cousins had killed more lives than any other firearm in the world. Even though it's a 'bad guy gun' and obviously its less effective than the modern assault rifles today. But its jsut such a legendary rifle, a symbol of war itself. It got abused by harsh weather, soaked in mud, run over by tanks, sometimes broken into pieces and reassembled into a frankenstein monster gun. Still it works like a charm!

There are lot of good rifles around in the Market and being a fan of AR platform (A perfect Lego gun, you can do million modifications to it) I still look at my Arsenal Under-folder and I just know in my heart that if I was to run out in an assault situation and my life depended on it, I would be picking up that banana clip monster.

It is just the best rifle, it is reliable, and just plain awesome. An Ak-47 can shoot in water and people can hit a AK47 with a sledge hammer, freeze it, burn it and yet still it works. That is how great the weapon.

Amazing weapon. Done tests with one. Can handle almost any amount of abuse and keep working, rust, mud, sand, water, even boiling hot and freezing cold temperatures will not stop it from firing. Easy to maintain, reliable and inexpensive. Only weighs around 3.5 kilos and if you aren't inexperienced the recoil shouldn't be a problem. My AR of choice for sure!

It's the most popular assault weapon in the world for a reason, people. Not only does it possess incredible reliability, it can be produced for one tenth the cost of an M16. Its large rounds can penetrate most body armor, even light vehicles. It thoroughly outclasses every other weapon of its type.

The best and most reliable rifle ever and easy to maintain. One point that is usually skipped on is its internal parts can be swapped out with any of the different versions of this rifle. It's accuracy is decent fire in short bursts this rifle won't let you down ever. Unless you dip it in lava although it wouldn't surprise me if it still fired

The gun was hellishly powerful, with a reliability that none can match. Although the recoil is bad (due to the fact that it use the 7.62x39mm round rather than the 5.56x45mm round) and has not much of the modification probability (it was made in 1947 after all), this cheap-and-deadly gun can be use anywhere, at anytime, in any condition. it was also very easy to maintain, and in the fields, the gun that can shoot anytime is better than the gun that just jam on your ass.

The ak is the most powerful rifle because of its rate of fire and lethality. Who cares about the m16 it is just an American made assault rifle so that is why people think it is the best. But why wasn't the m16 selected for the secret service? This is because it is not reliable or lethal.

Somehow in America it is considered "unpatriotic" to say the AK 47 is the best. Which is BS. I own both the AK 47 and the AR 15. I'll take my Ak 47 when I need to kick ass and save the AR 15 for plinking!

Introduced to the world by the USSR in 1947 and currently used worldwide, the AK is unbelievably popular. With a service history of around 75 years, this weapon is reliable, accurate, and extremely powerful. Sience its introduction, the AK-47 has been used in almost every conflict post Vietnam war. Low unit and ammunition pricing along with its fully automatic capibility make it popular in many third world countries. Seen in almost every conflict in the past 75 years, the AK-47 deserves to be called the king of assault weapons.

AK47 not at all inaccurate as people say, I own a 47 and a 74 variant be nothing beats them. They are versatile, easily customized, and shoot a larger must more devastating round than the 5.56. I can throw it, kick it, bury it for a month, pull it out and still land solid shots at over 150 meters, and that's just my SBR, not even a full sized barrel. Plus the ammo is everywhere. M16 jams all the time, the scar is too bulky, AK wins hands down, team AK all the way.

THE KANG BABY, THE KANG. AR's are cool but they can't match the battle worthy AK, Just listen to any Vietnam vet about those 16's blowing up in guys faces. They wanted to keep the 14's they had before, not a toy company gun from E. Stoner.

Very clean firing, solid feeling weapon that you, I, everyone knows is probably if not the most durable and reliable ready for action right out the box weapon in the history of modern firearms. I'd rather have a rifle that I don't have to worry or think about then one that has had problems that have been made better.. That's not what I want paying in the back of my mind at any time under fire. It is very accurate for a very good distance with stock sights.very customizable with stocks barrel swaps and above all, where ever you are stupid the world fighting, chances are, you can always grab more ammo if need be from fallen enemies. All pluses that make me feel combat sound and ready with a good ol Kalashnikov AK-47