Warning: Claiming the AK is the a good rifle is like saying McDonalds makes a good hamburger. The people who voted for Kalashnikovs have a poor understanding of combat rifles and likely don't understand the very nature of combat.

-Smaller than any AR variant.
-More dependable than any AK variant.
-Most modular rifle fielded by any modern military.
-Lighter and more reliable than 416.
-Readily accepts suppressors.
-VERY low recoil in both calibers.
-True OTB capability.
-Reload times faster than SKS or AK.
-Much lighter than M14.
-Sub MOA accuracy even in 10". (Match ammo)
-Simple manual of arms.

It's only real competition is the Tavor. The ARX is a possibility if accuracy in SBR improves.

The 416 is a solid platform but it's heavy and somewhat less dependable than the SCAR. The SCAR has the advantage of being designed from the ground up as a 3rd gen rifle rather than being just another fix for the M4.

I'd either have to pick the SCAR or the AUG, but the scar is one of my personal favorites, because of its accuracy, quality, and construction

Well I like the Scar and should be 1 First for it's reliability it can tackle most of what an AK-47 can handle not as reliable as the AK is but, the Scars ability to change calibers is great with scar-L and Scar-h from the light 5.56 by 45 or to the powerful.308 and a lot people think that the scar-h is to light to handle the.308 when in truth it's 1 one in the world for fully auto.308 and the recoil is not much really with this rifle also, the scar has the ability to change butt stock with an folding butt stock and ability to attach mounted scopes can put grenade launcher at the bottom and is easy to strip field it can do much more than what I am saying right now so the FN-SCAR has taken my vote.

The Fn Scar is my personal favorite, but I believe there is no ultimate assault rifle because they are all good for different things. The Fn Scar is great because it can have the knockdown of the ak 47 with the fn scar-h(Heavy version) or the accuracy and stuff of the m16. A problem with the ak 47 is that its not customizable at all really, it might be in video games ie. mw2 but it really isn't. The scar is more customizable than ak(Sights, grenade luancher, etc. ) still not as customizable as the m16 but at least is less likely to jam than the m16 and a little lighter. This is why this should by at the top of the list.

Amazing how many of you guys think you're weapons experts because you play video games and look at the Internet. I currently have a SCAR 16S and 17S. While somewhat different than the military counterparts(the mk16 and mk17) the civilian version is just as good without automatic fire. The reliability, easy of use, and performance of this weapon make it the best weapons platform availible in today's market hands down. Being a former operator, I've had the pleasure of using multiple weapons systems and can tell you first hand that the AR, while a decent weapon, is a compromise. It falls short, period. The AK is a much better weapon. It offers expansion at minimal penetration, can go through hell and still work, and parts are everywhere. The ACR is garbage. If Remington made it, it'd be a fine weapon, but bushmaster has effectively killed it. Oh yeah, the ACR is not the official replacemt to the m4. The colt m4 is still being used. SOCOM has put the SCAR H into use and if the operator ...more

The scar is an amazing weapon, although not very battle proven as it has only seen service in the last couple of years. The scar-h fires the 7.62mm by 51mm roundwhich is much more powerful the the Ak 7.62 by 39, So there is no comparison, the weapons and there ammunition are nothing alike. But the ak is custamizable with a granade launcher, the russians make a great 30 mm tube for it.

But the is 3 year old tech the ak was made in 1947, no doubt the scar performs better but the ak is proven. Ak first, m16 second and scar 3ed

If you haven't shot one then you just don't understand. The 308 17S version is balls on accurate with only iron sights needed. Hardly kicks, is light as hell, easily field stripped, and folds up nicely for easy transport. Reliability and quality build are the final features where this thing excels. Put a sling on one straight out of the box and you are ready to enter a war zone.

It is a very good weapon with great range has a great stock that can be used In close quarter combat and looks great made out of polymer which a durable rugged material and the gun can with stand countless hits And shock and will still fire brilliantly it is light and is the BEST GUN IN THE WORLD PERIOD

Lightweight, reliable, low recoil, accurate, and modular. What else could you ask for in a defensive/combat rifle. This firearm uses new technology to it's advantage. It is a simple firearm like the AK47 but it has lots of improvements. My favorite assault rifle ever!

Operational flexibility in mission configuration and mounts, barrel versatility, accuracy, piston operated and stock configurations, charging handle better location, iron sights provide natural point of aim where AK's are poor, ease of field stripping, light recoil and light weight. Cons trigger group a bit rough for cost and reciprocating bolt handle location can get in way with supported fire.

You can't put the ak 47 on as an assault rifle, its used for short range and the accuracy is poor plus it was made in 1943. You wouldn't bring an ak 47 to a gun fight unless you're the terrorist. FN SCAR SHOULD BE NUMBER 1!

A true modern rifle, not some 50+ year old rehash like the AK or the AR. As accurate as an AR, as reliable as an AK with much better ergonomics, trigger, and sights than either.

The SCAR rocks. Dependability and accuracy, in my opinion are the deciding factors. If it jams on you then the rifle is useless. If you can't hit your target, the rifle is useless. The SCAR is accurate ( much more so than the AK 47 in my opinion) AND is extremely reliable. I have owned a SCAR 17s for about a year and have shot over 1500 rounds ( mostly my hand re-loads) this rifle has NEVER jammed or misfired NEVER. Can't say enough good things about this rifle. Once you own one, soon...you will be trying to figure out how to get another one ( no kidding). I'm sure the AK is an excellent rifle, but I'm also sure once you try a SCAR you will like it better than the AK.

This gun should be first. The only reason the ak 47 is on the first is that it has a long historical career. Looking only at performance would make the FN SCAR the first in the list. It is very very accurate, long range, extremely powerful and very reliable (a bit heavy tough). Because of its weight, it has very little recoil too

Ergonomic, Accurate, Reliable. Easy to disassemble and a breeze to clean. Not to mention there are more options in the way of customization. Top of the list in my opinion.

High power/accuracy, good looks, and also has low recoil considering the scar h's 7mm round. Also very ergonomic, and works in most environments.

The FN Scar is the best modern assault rifle but you can't argue that the AK-47 is the most widely available and is as tough as nails. If we are talking which rifle looks the coolest then it's got to be the belgium made F2000. It looks bad ass with its moulded outer casing.. But its not all about looks so it can't be on the list.

Perfect for any mission reliable, accurate, destructive, what more could you want? An AK-47 is a metal mess, as accurate as a nerf gun, and as hi-tech as my ass.

Better all round than ak47 from me a man who does this for a living. Very accurate nice to handle good control from the SCAR. Better in technology also.

I think it replaces the AK-47, because of the new platform it has the high caliber and can still can maintain accurate fire rate with 7.62mmx5l packs a a punch and it's ability to switch to 5.56 which is very useful and the new technology on it gas piston's new muzzle breaks and whole lot other capabilities I think it has of the AK-47

If You Know how to use the Fn Scar you will be able to kill 5 persons in 1 shot that is the purpose of Fn Scar to kill many enemies in some magazines

This is a very accurate rifle, and it should be on the top of the list, followed by the ak and hk g36. It is so reliable, and it will do the job

I can't even describe how well my SCAR 17S shoots. It's never even thought about a jam or anything. It has a flash suppressor/ muzzle brake that makes it sound like a ' cannon, but cut recoil to that of 5.56. It's does get attention at the range. It makes an AR look and shoot like a toy. I was hoping it would be #1. It will out shoot an AK-47. I consider those mass produced lead slingers and shoot like Chinese junk.. They are about $600.00 and a SCAR is near $3,000.00, so most buy the AK 47.

The best assault rifle ever invented. Should be the king of rifles and personal protection weapon. Thumbs up!

Amazing gun should be number 1 shoots extremely accurate and has a great range and very light for its caliber