The Hk416 is by far the best assault rifle ever based on accuracy, controllability, reliability, and weight/ transportability.

This gun is amazing. I can not believe the military has not picked this as their next rifle system. It is as reliable as the AK-47 and as accurate as the M16. You can even convert existing M16/M4 rifles into this weapon. And, you have got to love that German engineering quality of Heckler & Koch. Overall, this is a fantastic system and should be more widely used and more widely known of. It is also known as the M27, which is the United States Marine Corps designation of the rifle. I hope this has helped to expand some people's smarts on this rifle!

I know this gun well high accuracy nice recoil which is as low as you can imagine and there are models of it that are capable of being used straight out of water without it being fully dry and this is better then the scar in my opinion great for close range med range and far range and can be so accurate snipers will get amused by its accuracy and it has a lot of attachments that can go with it such as red dot sight and holographic sight and laser sight and extended mags and silencers and in my opinion its the best rather than an ak47.

I've handled and shot them all, several in combat conditions. The "throw down" is between the Russian and American rifles. Leave it to the Germans to update the M16 to a weapon that can get the job done reliably and accurately. I still think we should be shooting a 6.5 bullet out of it and reduce the number of parts (both of which has been proven can be done).. But the HK416 is a update that is hard to ignore or beat at this point in time.

The HK416 is by FAR better than the m16 or the ak47! Probably more than the SCAR too, but I gotta admit I think its at least tied with the ACR. But the HK416 is built to be reliable and customizable. It can fire a few different rounds, almost never jams compared to an m16, and the piston system is much better too! And since it has built in rails, you can attach practically anything to it. One of my top three favorite guns without a doubt!

This gun is extremely durable, and it has been tested in the field for durability. It has passed every time. It is also very light-weight. The range is also extremely good, as is the accuracy. Also, after firing it for awhile, try taking it apart; it remains cool no matter what.

What do I know? The only sure bet, it's not the M4! Have yet to hear one good thing about it, endless stories how it got its troops killed, doctored reports by the military, jams all the time, inaccurate when barrel gets hot, needs to be shipped back to the shop to repair, does not like anything but perfect conditions, and jams around every 60 some shots. Then you hear the guys spending their own money to purchase parts or using enemy weapons because they don't care for it and just maybe want to live!

Light. VERY Accurate. Reliable. Comfortable. The Stick Gun is just wonderful to shoot. Now, given that standing on a range, carrying a rifle while mounted, carrying it on patrol, and fighting with it in an urban environment in the dark when you're tired, when you haven't eaten, when it's hot or cold, when it's loud, are all different experiences. I want something that weighs nothing, is accurate, and infinitely reliable. In a perfect world, carrying, aiming and hiding behind cover with a bullpup is easier, especially when you are very, very tired and your arms just have had it. The Aug is just the easiest point and shoot weapon out there. And if they can simplify the FN2000's (fragile) nylon ejection it's pretty close to the Aug. (That said, when alone on a desert Island, with little hope of rescue, I want an AK because of the sand, salt, and spray.)

Very reliable, accurate, and well designed! With the m4's, when you burst and only use 1 or 2 of the three, when you go to shoot again it uses those other 1 or 2 rounds. But the hk416 resets after each pull during burst mode. Plus the piston design and multi cal options and many other great things! My top assault rifle :D

I own an hk 416, AK, M4 (my service rifle). The hk 416 is the best piston system around hands down. However the AK variants are more reliable. Try the twinky test. Shove a twinky into your mag well load a clip and unload all 30 rounds. Every time the AK will shoot all the rounds, the M4 and 416 will not.

If 1st SFOD-D Delta uses a weapon (i.E. the hk416) that means it is the best weapon money can buy. The Unit has access to whatever they want, and after many rigorous tests, the hk416 emerged as the winner.

Come on guys the AK is reliable that is true but who cares if it shots but you miss the target. The HK416 is a Piston driven AR that works every bit as well as the AK and you can hit the target.

It must be on the top of the list... One of its class. No one can match its reliability and fire power. Another masterpiece from Heckler and Koch... Hats off to you.

The fame of the AK 47, the reliability of the M4, the accuracy of the M14, the close quarters reliance of the G36, and the extremely low recoil of the ACR. All jammed into one gun, the Heckler And Koch Model 416.

Has the best operating system. Higher rate of fire. More reliable than the rest (except maybe the AK-47, but equally reliable). Can easily change outy upper receiver for using the 7.62 or the 5.56 nato rounds. Can be better accessorized than the AK. Is lighter and much more accurate with a longer range.

This combines the accuracy of an M4/M16 with the reliability of an AK. It is similar to the M4/M16, so the militaries around the world that train on the M4/M16 will be very familiar with it. Aside from the piston system.

This is why so many of the nations around the world are buying this weapon for their military elite. Because it is the best overall performer.

I have fired all these weapons... Without any bias as to where the weapon was made, its history, or where I am from... I have to say that this tool wins hands down

This weapon is used by the finest special ops, the only reason why the AK47, SCAR, and ACR is up there is because they can be acquired by a civilian. This gun is strictly for the military, but once you get hold of it, you'll know why it is chosen by most special ops around the world.

Economics aside, if I was to stake my life on a weapon, in an unknown place, with unknown "surprises," this is the one I'd carry.

HK 416 is very reliable, almost as durable or as heavy hitting as the Ak system. However, it is more accurate, faster fire rate, lighter and more controllable than the ak

Currently the best assault rifle out there. It has a high rate of fire, high muzzle velocity, it is very accurate and never fails. M4s and M16s jam and tend to fail and aks are outdated, inaccurate and heavy. That's why the hk 416 is one of the bests, the only downside is that it is not ambertxerious and the charging handle is at the back but overall it deserves a rating 9/10.

I have a buddy that's a mercenary (contractor) and uses this weapon in the field every day. He says its a badass little weapon that's accurate reliable and gets the job done.

Why not first? Its famous fore special operations units worldwide, unlike the ak, it is more acurate than the ak, it does have less recoil, it is reliable, can be fitted with a small 10inch barrel or longer heavier barrels for support roles, better layout than the ak, much more user friendly and its made by HK enough said.. Don't get me wrong though the ak is a really wonderful weapon and depeandeble weapon great thinking by kalashnikkov but I don't believe its deserves 1# spot ass the best assault rifle

I always liked this gun for some reason I don't know why but it feels very comfortable in my hands and when firing. Never tested it out in the open though.