M16 Rifle


The M16 is the best assault rifle. AK47 doesn't deserve the title because: M16 rifle= 8.79 lbs(loaded) AK47 rifle= 11.5 lbs (loaded) (Weight) M16 rifle= 700-950 rounds per min AK47 rifle= 600 rounds per min M16 rifle=(point/area)1,804-2,624 ft(550-800 meters) AK47 rifle= 1,312 ft (400 meters) (effective range) M16 rifle= 3,110 ft/s (948 m/s) AK47 rifle= 2,358 ft/s (715 m/s) (muzzle velocity) M16 rifle= 4.3 in (11 cm) away from point AK47 rifle= 5.9 (15 cm) inches away from point (accuracy from 100 yards) M16 rifle= 15 in (38 cm) AK47 rifle 26 in (66 cm) (penetration of bullet through ballistic Gelatin) Even though M16 has lower penetration, this makes the gun very easy to handle that a child of 12 years old can easily handle it. This explains the low accuracy of the AK47 since it's hard to operate. The M16 is way better than AK47 and deserves #1 place.

M16 should top this list, it is a very reliable weapon. It has been dulled down from back in the day, by which I mean using a smaller round, in order to be humane. But the United States marine corps use this weapon and it has yet to let us down. Less fire power than the ak but can put 30 well aimed, tight group shots wherever we need to, that doesn't matter. It also uses a 223 and has the rep of being the most deadly round, due to the fact it doesn't just stop in the body, if it hits a bone, it's a pinball machine. Nothing left of the enemy. Ooh-rah!

I've used both the m16 and the ak47, for me the m16 is top dog, both are useful for different things but the m16 is more accurate and can kill quicker, a good example, in 2003-5 the gov sent a team of investigators to make sure we weren't executing terrorists with headshots, as turns out, we were shooting terrorists in the head from far distances, these terrorists were probably using AKs, also people say it jams, yeah if your not cleaning your weapon dumb asses

M16 is better I mean it does have light weight accuracy and range. Some people think that a 5.56x45 is to small of caliber. It doesn't matter if you have a small bullet you may not kill them but you could hurt them and finish them off. Some people just talk about the size of the bullet is what really matters but its not. Some people say accuracy does not matter and it does. What if you do not hit your enemies. Then you are screwed. I will remain the best assault rifle in the world.

One of the most influential weapons in human history. The pioneer of modern assault rifle design, it incorporated many features never before seen in previous rifles, and was, arguably, the "gun that changed history". Although it does have it's faults, it more than compensated them with amazing technology. Built for nearly 50 years straight in hundreds of variants - a testimony for it's great design. They don't call it the "Space Rifle" for nothing!

It's the best 'cause it's deadly accurate and the grenade launcher, sniper scope and triple fire modes makes it a killer machine!

The M16 is more reliable, more accurate, is the favorite of the US, and we believe that the AK-47 represents the evil of our enemies. The US rather use the last M16 in the world with one magazine than use an AK-47. Yes, the AK-47 does well in certain climates, but once again the M16 is more accurate and is more reliable. This rifle is very easy to handle and fire while the AK-47 is just plain out of control when fired.

You guys want to know why a M16 will dominate the battlefield? Ill tell you why. the m16 is longer, lighter, more accurate, and just flat out better. lets start out with accuracy I would happily stand 200 yards away and have someone try to hit me with an AK. you know why? BECAUSE THE WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO HIT ME! I would not stand 500 yards and and let someone try and hit me with an M16. Now the AK is more reliable, but trust me if I'm in a fire fight I'm am not going to have to worry about my gun getting run over by a tank, but that's just me. if somehow your rifle gets ran over by a tank in a firefight, you deserve to die that's just pathetic. 1 last reason, if the United States of America is going to equip its troops with a M16, that right away should be your answer to which is the best assault rifle. I'm not saying the AK is a bad gun either! It's a great gun for close combat and its true it wont jam on you, but that's not what id look for in my assualt rifle. I hope you guys agree ...more

These guns are really good for hunting, and have really good aim.

Shot the M16 in 1972 at Ft. Knox. Awesome weapon. Light. Take apart and clean. Fun to shoot. Can carry it all day long. The spirit of the M16 becomes part of you. Your life depends upon it and it doesn't let you down. Only an American could have such a gun.

In the Republic of Vietnam Nam I loved and depended on my M14 more than my wife. When I was issued my M16, divorce was a nob raider. The M16 was the superior weapon then, and I would still stake my life on its reliability now. Live long and accurate M16.

The m-16 is probably the best assult rifle you probably ever handle. The ak-47 is good, but the accuracy is freaken terrible. But this gun, one pull on the trigger, 3 round burst into human flesh! - my111

My cousins were all in the military and when they came back they told me that the only two guns they'd place their trust in were the M16 and the Mark 9 handgun

Quote #3... You are a moron, learn to spell, then learn about weapons. I use assault rifles for a living, and I would not put the M16A1/2/3/4 high on the chart at all. It's old technology, and for old technology the M14/M1A or AK is a much better choice. Now there are many modern rifle's that blow it out of the water, I.E. aUG, SCAR, 416, ACR, XCR etc. All of which have a clean, piston gas system. The M16 is direct gas impingement, or "dirty".

Way better than the ak47. has way more accuracy and range. ak can't hit the bright side of a barn. the ak is more powerful, but is overkill. the m16 gets the job done. one shot to torso is death

The Ak is a weapon for terrorists... The m16 is a Army rifle

I'll take the M16... You (anybody) take the AK and I'll hunt you down and put three in your ear.

Stick that Ak up your ass. Just ask the best military in the world United States. M 1 6 all the way!

the m16 is the best weapon because his good accurate and very high damage more than ak-47
he his beteer accurate than the p90. and it is the best assualt rifle ever made by humans

M16 is number one in my opinion because the 556 or the 223 is dead on accurate hits like a sledgehammer and believe it or not it can run dirty.

The m16 will get the job done no doubt it does and has. However this rifle is just average and that's not a bad thing

Dude, in game or in real life it's awesome, cause you already know about its efficiency

I will always go with the AR-15 cause that's what I'm most comfortable with. The M16 is the military model of that.

High velocity, accuracy, ergonomics and lightweight. Also high ammo count. Just don't overheat it.

M16 is truly the best assault rifle in the world