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21 AR-15

Best all around gun

Awesome gun, you can get 100 round drum magazines for it, slide fire stocks ( make it fully automatic), grips, flashlights. Best gun purchase I ever made

The most customizable gun ever. It has thousands of different pieces you can buy for it. Pretty cheap and accurate, decent recoil and uses cheap effective ammo usually. Probably the most bought gun by civilians besides an 870, 1911, or glock of some model. Pretty cool! - EliHbk

Brilliant, like a ak 47 of modern ar'S

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22 AN-94

Although it's a more complex weapons that rifle simple outperform anything in his category. The 2 burst shot is by far the fastest and the most accurate to defeat body armor.

There is a reason why the spetsnaz use this. Downside is it takes some training to use effectively.

It's by far the most advanced assault rifle I have seen.
It's 2 rounds burst is hell accurate and it's a true body armor killer.

Why do I feel like this gun was put up by Call of Duty fanboys

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23 CAR-15

I used to be a assault rifle tester for the military and the best assault that I've ever tested before is the Car-15. It is so much better than Ak-47, or any of the FN type guns. The only gun that even comes close to this gun is the M4 but, the Car-15 is amazing. It's accuracy is phenomenal and has an outstanding rate of fire. I can't believe this is ranked no. 17!

Car-15 is an amazing gun. I used to own one before I sold it to my buddy, anyway it has an amazing firing rate and accuracy. I don't know why all special ops teams use this gun. Props to whoever posted this

Used by the Navy SEALS, it has and incredible firing rate, extremely accurate, and very good for close quarter combat. Despite it's name, this gun is outstaanding.

24 Gas Piston, .308 M4 Platform.

Consistent accuracy, devastating firepower, and a familiar platform for the US military. Very easy to learn - highly effective and would cut carbon levels in more than half. Essentially: Firepower of an M-240, Accuracy of M16/M4, and reliability of an AK-47. For those of you who actually know anything about firearms, this is what you'd pick.

25 Mk 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle

One of the most versatile weapon systems around. The weapon is able to deliver moderate power at decent ranges, Great for combat.

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26 SA80

The reliability of the a1 gave this rifle a bad name but those who have shot it will be astounded at its sheer accuracy, that pretty much leaves every other assault weapon standing (fact) but I would not like to pay for my own one. Ha ha but makes a lot of other weapons feel cheap in comparison. Even the LSW is more accurate than most on this page.

Sa80a2 is a very accurate gun and after the recent modifications that the british army has asked h&k to make on it, has made it a very reliable gun also. I am in the royal armored corps and have had the opotunity to fire many guns. I would also like to point out that the sa80 has a longer effective range than most other assault rifles which gives it a massive advantage over other rifles on the battlefield

Certainly the most accurate weapon in the world but is also much more practicle for close urban and house to house warfare. The A2 is far more reliable than its predecessor and is also one of the most expensive rifles to produce. This is one of my favourite weapons that I have ever fired (my favourite being the Lee Enfield).

More accurate than an AK any day
Plus it is heavily customisable and easy to clean as well but iron sights are a bit bad

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27 AK-103

The full metal version of the AK-47

Really not that practical but badass

28 Sig Swat 556

The Sig 556 is the most reliable 556/223 ever made. It can fire reliably between 10K rounds before cleaning. The all metal receiver/fire-control/piston make this the most durable next generation assault rifle available, and it has no plastic receiver parts!

Accurate, beautiful and reliable.

Should definitely be higher on the list! Best rifle I have ever owned, I will never part with mine.

It can be Whatever you want it to be! A long ranged weapon, mid, or even close..

Combines the best of the ak and the m4... It should be higher on the list!

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29 IMI Tavor TAR-21

A great Israeli rifle

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30 AK-12

It is the latest version of the AK47 and has all its qualities. Now it can also hold A mounted sight, a suppressor and a grenade launcher. Its also more accurate than AK47 Because it is modified for this. So, I think it mustbe at the top of This list.

Yes. AK 47 is a great gun but its really old. AK 12 is made in 2012 and its a lot better than the original.

It is the latest version of Ak47 and Has all the qualities of it, plus It can hold a sound suppressor easily and has picattiny rail for Sight Fittins which is absent in AK47. It can also be modified to fire 3 types of new rounds, such as- 5.56x39mm, 7.62x51mm and Onwards. So, I think It must Be at the top of This list.

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31 VHS by HS Produkt

VHS is one of the most advanced rifles in the world also newest ones it is on it s way to become standard NATO issue...

This is one of the newest assault rifles also one of most inovative and it is also on it s way to become standard NATO issue

This is one of assault rifles that brings many advantages than tavor or French one...

Superior to FAMAS, especially with VHS-2. Very high quality AR, but unlike majority of Western ARs, very reliable. Sturdy design, very light, tested on most extreme weather coniditons. All ergonomical problems with VHS-1 were fully resolved with VHS-2.

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Extremely accurate, cleaning is an option, take m16 mags (any kind) will shoot any brand of ammo without jamming, has 4 position on the piston; closed (will not eject the brass real quite when using a suppressor) normal, suppressed, and adverse (when you might have to shoot 1000 rounds). Has a cold hammer forged barrel that will last 20,000 rounds of non-steel core 10,000 rounds of steel core. Just a great gun.

Out of all my guns this is the best in all areas. It is a little heavy but it does everything very well...

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33 Heckler & Koch HK417

Everything the hk416 is with more punch, assault or marksman

Best 7,62 rifle in the world


The only rifle that is not gas operated. Undiscovered but someday all guns will be pneumatic valve and rod system. Best discovery by Filipinos

Pneumatic valve and rod rifle=less heat and less carbon deposit,longer life span with lesser maintenance.can be fired underwater will function even with sand or submerged in mud.reduced rate of 750 rounds per minute from 900 rounds per minute with a muzzle velocity of 900 miles per second.Used by the armed forces of the Philippines SOC,anti guerilla warfare,Abu Sayyaf muslim separatist,enduring freedom,Afghanistan war.

35 SIG SG 516

This gun has a reputation with many gun nuts that look into international firearms. It is smooth just from the look and the various posts people have made show how good it is. This needs to be closer to 1 on more lists, and I don't say that out of bias, the preference to either classic international firearms or American ones is hurting the popularity this gun deserves.

Very well made. Accurate, Very reliable.

How the hell is such a fast firing and accurate assault rifle so down in this list

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36 QBZ-95

Very accurate, reliable. The weight and length is greatly reduced. It shoots the Chinese 5.8mm round, proved to be very powerful, light, and ballistic tests shows that it tumbles once it strikes human tissue. The new version, qbz 95-1 has excellent ergonomics. I not the best, this gun is one of the best rifles in the 21st century.

I like it's model and it shoot pretty straight as well... nice accuracy and never get jammed

Very reliable, accurate and easy to carry, but the noise is huge.

It can be in the top ten

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37 Enfield

"Enfield" is not very specific... you might as well be referring to the Lee-Enfield which isn't even an assault rifle.

My 1903 can reach out and touch someone as far as I can see. It's dead accurate.

The mutts nuts I have shot one many times

38 L85A2 (SA80) Susat Scope
39 M4 Carbine

Though it does not have a very high range this thing is lethal at close range

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40 Heckler & Koch G11

Probably the most innovative AR since the AK, it uses caseless ammunition and was the first and best to do so.

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