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81 IWI X95L Flattop

Lightweight, accurate, reliable and functional. Not perfect or ideal but pretty close. I don't believe in one best overall, firearm or caliber. Each has its pros and cons. User must decide what is best for their situation, which can always change and usually varys. Maybe one day we will have a true do it all firearm and caliber but until then this is my choice. Yes bullpups have their drawbacks and the 5.56 NATO certainly does but for the versatility of this weapon and the availability of the round I'll take it for now and I'm sure will cus both of them from time to time. But probably less than others. Hopefully.

Solid, versatile, good trigger pull for a bullpup, familiar safety and mag release.

82 VKS

I agree completely the lwrc psd is accurate durable and in all cases very fun to shoot

Any of the Lwrc line up should be top of the list. Where is the Reper? Or their new six8 ic?

84 LWRC Six8 6.8 SPC

Takes new p mags. Ambidextrous lower. Better punch than 556, can Carry more ammo than the 7.62 an easier to control. Just as reliable as an Ak and will go above and beyond Ak ability.

85 Barrett REC-7
86 C8 Carbine

Canada best country, C8 best rifle.

Small, compact, versatile an packs a punch. It's easy to clean and it can be outfitted with an Array of optics and grips. It fires the 5.56x45 calibre round so ammunition is interchangeable with the M16 family.
It's small size means it can easily be hidden. Recoil is moderate and not unmanageable.

87 BD-08

Best than the other assault rifle in the world. Simply love it.

Updated version bd 13

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88 Krag Jørgensen
89 AK-104
90 AEK-973S

It is derived from AK series and has a high fire rate of 900 RPM. It is very interesting because it is the first Russian assault rifle to have sucha high firerate. I was once an AK-12 fan but now I realised that it is the best! It fires the same AK47 cartridge with high firerate. It must be at the top.

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91 POF P416
92 HK 53
93 SRM Arms Model 1216
94 MAS-36 Rifle

More power better shorting weapon.

95 PP-2000
96 C7 Carbine
97 CAR 816

I think I like this

98 PTR-91 V 3 Comments
99 AK-5

The FN FNC with the 450 mm barrel, made under licence from FN, is a simple weapon that I used in service in the nineties.

Simple to handle and use with a light kickback but also with some disadvantages:
Snow, AK 5 and degrees below freezing point was not always a good combination. The mechanism got stuck.
Sand. The smallest grain could make a bad moment even worse.
Plate. It was easily done to damage the metal in the box. Then you couldn't close the weapon...

I had just fixed sights on my rifle but with a telescopic sight, for example, it would have reached the next level. Despite its disadvantages.

The first model of the FN FNC, made under licence, had the 450 mm barrel.

I used this version during my service. It was a simple weapon and easy to use but it had some disadvantages:
Snow, degrees below freezingpoint and AK 5 was not a good combination.
Sand was another, even the smallest grain could mess things up.
Then, the box was to fragile and could quite easily become damaged.

Any way, we liked this weapon and maybe it can be called "a beginners assault rifle"?

100 HK USC 45

Close to medium range shooting, very reliable and ammo is everywhere to get. Lots of options to add. This gun has a small kick so it can be used by anyone

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