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81 SG 751 SAPR

Like the SG550 but with wider range and more stopping power, because it uses the 7.62x51 NATO round
It' accuracy makes it almost a sniper Rifle,
It comes with a long and a short barrel

82 IWI X95L Flattop

Lightweight, accurate, reliable and functional. Not perfect or ideal but pretty close. I don't believe in one best overall, firearm or caliber. Each has its pros and cons. User must decide what is best for their situation, which can always change and usually varys. Maybe one day we will have a true do it all firearm and caliber but until then this is my choice. Yes bullpups have their drawbacks and the 5.56 NATO certainly does but for the versatility of this weapon and the availability of the round I'll take it for now and I'm sure will cus both of them from time to time. But probably less than others. Hopefully.

Solid, versatile, good trigger pull for a bullpup, familiar safety and mag release.

83 VKS

I agree completely the lwrc psd is accurate durable and in all cases very fun to shoot

Any of the Lwrc line up should be top of the list. Where is the Reper? Or their new six8 ic?

85 LWRC Six8 6.8 SPC

Takes new p mags. Ambidextrous lower. Better punch than 556, can Carry more ammo than the 7.62 an easier to control. Just as reliable as an Ak and will go above and beyond Ak ability.

86 Barrett REC-7
87 BD-08

Best than the other assault rifle in the world. Simply love it.

Updated version bd 13

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88 Krag Jørgensen
89 AK-104
90 AEK-973S

It is derived from AK series and has a high fire rate of 900 RPM. It is very interesting because it is the first Russian assault rifle to have sucha high firerate. I was once an AK-12 fan but now I realised that it is the best! It fires the same AK47 cartridge with high firerate. It must be at the top.

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91 POF P416
92 HK 53
93 Tavor

I hate Jews, but you gotta give credit when its due. Tavor is the best. Designed in late 90's and uses all the experience accumulated plus the latest technology.

94 SRM Arms Model 1216
95 MAS-36 Rifle

More power better shorting weapon.

96 SG 550

As accurate as a swiss watch. The 5.6 cal version (Swiss army version) is much more accurate than the 5.56 version (NATO version). They even make a sniper version of this gun. Very good long range assault rifle. There are carabine versions for CQB.

"If you think I am wrong you have never had a SIG" That about sums it up. Accurate, reliable, handles well, has a heavy nose, but I find the extra weight on the barrel helps with muzzle rise on hammer double taps. Very controllable weapon. Cleaning is optional, but I like cleaning the SIG, easy to field strip.

Best of both worlds. Accuracy of the M4/M16 platform but with the reliability of an AK. No gas fouling in like the M4 but also lacking barrel whip found with the AK's.

Extremely precise gun. Not too heavy. Modular.
Quite simple and robust: can be completely disassembled and reassembled in under one minute blindfolded (ok, that needs a few days training).
The only weakness is that the holding grip is made of a sort of plastic that melts, when you shoot 300 shots in full automatic mode (10 magazines in a row with magazine change time under one second).
But that's not allowed in the swiss army anyway :-P

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97 Heckler & Koch G3

Firing 308 Winchester (also known as the 7.62*51, this weapon is the perfect balance of power, weight, accuracy and range. It's not as reliable as its kalishnikov counterparts, but that's not saying much, not many guns R. It has an effective range of 800 meters, and can be equipped with a scope to serve as a sniper weapon. It's well balanced and incredibly accurate. Also, it is more controllable in automatic fire than an AK is. G3 is the best assault rifle in the world, bar none.

7,62x51. It tells everything about it. Long barrel, strong ammunition, what more do you need when you go for a hunt?

Perhaps its recoil is a bad too strong for automatic fire, but who cares if 1 shot is enough?

Extreme practic, long range 7.62x51mm, good looking, lot of countries still use it like mexico, it is the main weapon in mexican drug war.
A gun that still win wars even with 50 years old.

A point for the G3 as this is one of the most important rifles in history and has proved Its worth over the years.It may be heavier than all these rifles on the list but It is for a reason,I carry this when I'm on service and It's a killer.

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98 RK 62

A finnish assault rifle. AK-47 copy but better than AK. Best assault rifle of all time! Why don't any Call of Duty have this.

I used this in my military service on Finland, and I think its better than other assault rifles...

Very, very accurate. Robust and well built. Galil is based on this...

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99 Pindad SS2

Proud of nation. Indonesian special forces owned, best range in air sea and combat in term ability as well durability. I have brother in special force which told about ak47 nor m16 comparable to this

I'm not saying it's the best, but surely it could be nominate as one cause it's designed and created by a nation that is not as modern and well budget as America, Russia and other advance nations and still this weapon can bring Indonesia wins some competitions. Good joob.

SS2 made in Indonesia, the most winning all shoot tournaments in the world, M16 and AK-47 lost the game

The Recoil are Very Soft Than other Rifle in Service and Suitable for Jungle Warfare Because it still Could Fire on Muddy and Wet Conditions... Its Lighter than M16... Even SS2 Have Quite Turbular Grip and Cheek Base Sighting Disadvantage, I Would Rather Use SS2 with EOD Sightings... Rather Than HK416 or M4...

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100 Zastava M21

Zastava can't be in alist of top rifles because it rust and it's barrel not lined with Crom

Serbia for the win

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