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41 Main Rang Sharbaton Ka

Its a awesome song

The most beautiful romantic song

This song is magical! It is and always will be my all- time favorite song. And atif, my all-time favourite singer! His voice and the emotions he puts into his songs make all his songs a super hit!

Ye song muje mare boss ki yad dilata hai very nice and heart thouching song

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42 Tajdar-E-haram

It was very difficult but atif sing very nice

This should be on the top of the list. Brilliantly sung by Atif Aslam and shows maturity in his voice developed throughout his career. This song is literally GOLD!

Very nice he sung very very nice

Tajdate haram

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43 Jal Pari

I love this song a lot & my till date favorite song and love to atif aslam

This is one of the best song by Atif... Listen d coke studio version

This is definitely a top 10 or top 15 material at least.. Hear it once and I'm sure people will agree it should be right up there!

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44 Mahi Ve

Awesome sonG... LOve tHis... LOve you aTif...

This song is very nice song

I Love Atif aslams song he's so Great MaShaAllah - ShizaMunem

You have marvellous voice. I want to a singer and my dream is to meet you 😊

45 Bhar Do Jholi Meri

Nice yar very good song this song is awesome

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46 Yaro yehhi dosti hai

I think the singer of this song, the Atif aslam, really love his friends. I dedicate this song my friends

Its really very awesome song love you atif

Dedicated to my best friend. Who know me deeply

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47 Mar Jaaye

I love this song the most

Best song of 2015 by one and only ATIF ASLAM

Silent Melody...

Atif aslam

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48 Dil Na Jaane Kyun

This song is very romanti because whenever I listen this song then I feel that my B. F with me

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49 Kaun Hoon Main

Atif I love you so much than word can say. Happy marriage. You know I love you more than sara please just for one time you say me I love you too please.

Dude I love this song like hell. This song is just great. Mind blowing dude keep making such beautiful songs. Love its lyrics. Love its music.

50 Meri Kahani

Man what the hell is this. Why ain't this song on the 3rd number at least.

Meri kahani you r ALL mine

I like this song
I love you atif asalm
Love you atif
Your all all songs are nice

Meri kahani song is like we r explaing our story, Mahashlla, I'M your BIGGEST FAN (AYESHA)

51 O Re Piya Mera Tarse Jiya

Your all song are so sweet it is very sweet

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52 O Mere Khuda

He is my favorite singer :P

She is superstar I also like to be like him

Great fan I like all songs of your atif! Lop you

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53 Sadi Jingi Bich Kuch Khas Sochina Koi Dilo Changta
54 Chhod Gaye

Atif aslam the romantic song singer

55 Joug
56 Pyar Diwana Hota Hai

Atif aslam voice is amazing sweet

57 Tere Bin

I like each and every song of ATIF ASLAM... I love HIM

One of the best song of Atif Aslam

How on earth is this not number one?

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58 Bhegi Yadein V 1 Comment
59 Tahzeeb

I salute you. Hats off ATIF sir. I am your biggest fan

60 Rang Jo Lagyo

This song I think so it is one of the best song of atif aslam

Never heard any song of this caliber... man this should be in top 3 at least

LOVELY SONG! Every time listen to this, I feel as if I am dreaming...

It is one of the my favourite song

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