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61 Humrahi

MY Favorite Hindi song.. Really one of the best song by atif

I like this song very much I also like songs of atif aslam

I would put dis song on the top

62 Rabba Sacheya

His best by far!

A heart touching song by a heart touching singer

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63 Mere Mehboob V 2 Comments
64 Na Koi Meri Manzil Hai V 1 Comment
65 Dil Kare

Awesome Song... Just Love It...

Awesome video

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66 Man Hota Hai
67 Kaun Hu Mei

MY favorite SONG OF ALL TIME ADE rocks...

68 Hame kya hua hai
69 Bariya O Bariya

A sweet romantic song

All my friends and me love to listen your songs. I love you

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70 Nazron Mein Tum Ho Basey
71 Kinara

Really my best song. This song was heart touching song

72 Momina

I really likes atif aslam

73 Aiman Nayab

Hello atif yuor voice touch my heart my friends says my eyes looks like your eyes I like you veru much fab songs

74 Bol Ke Lab Azaad Hain Tere

I love song atif sar

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75 Faasle, Teri Yadein

I love you atif bhai and congrats for your marriage and baby 2 you and your baby r my star fellow

V 3 Comments
76 Phir Mohabbat

I love atif so much. His vooce is hasky, and beautiful... He sings with the feels and gets into the song itself... He is an amazing singer.

V 2 Comments
77 Kante Hai Humne Jo Lamhe
78 Dil Harey V 3 Comments
79 Mori Araj Suno
80 One Two Three Four

Nice song I really love this song you will also enjoy it

Atif is the best

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