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81 One Two Three Four

Nice song I really love this song you will also enjoy it

Atif is the best

82 Juro Gey to Jano Gey
83 Jeena Jeena

I really can't believe, how can be this song on 88. This is new song and people really need to listen this. I've heard all the songs of Atif and this is the best.

This is Atif's latest song, and it's wonderful! It should definitely be on the list

My soul is in this song...

It's just marvelous...

Atif is looking so handsome in this song

Na seekha mein nay jeena jeena without you're songs Atif aslam - ShizaMunem

V 11 Comments
84 Tere Bina Mar Jayenge

I like this song so much n I love atif aslam

85 Hai Na
86 Hungami Halaat
87 Zindagi
88 Be Inteha

I like this song very much And I just listen atif aslam songs may god preserve him from evil eyes

Like this song this is one of deepika's best song

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89 Tera Naam Doon

Wow! Entirely amazing voice... Very nice romantic song...

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90 Charkha Naulakha

Love atif very much... And also love this song

91 Janam Janam Meri Maa V 1 Comment
92 Zindagi Aa Raha Hoon Main

Amazing song really mindblowing singer atif aslam is.A must listen song.

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93 Channa

Love this song very much

Best song of atif
Best singer in the world love you...

Lovely song

94 Phata Poster Nikla Hero
95 Charkha Nolakha

Love this song and love you atif...

96 Lovely
97 Tu Chahiye V 4 Comments
98 Kyun Chhor Gaye
99 Anjali
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