Top Ten Best Atreyu Songs

The Top Ten Best Atreyu Songs

1 Becoming the Bull

Yeah this is definitely one of my number one songs while drinking. The fast pace beat gets the blood pumping.

1. Becoming the bull
2. Slow burn
3. Lead sails (paper anchor)
4. Storm to pass
5. falling down
6. ex's and oh's
7. doomsday
how is bleeding mascara in the top spot

This has to be the best Atreyu song ever. Its very easy to play and lyrics are awesome. I marks all the check boxes on my list for a great song.

This song shouldn't even be close to the top. It's slow and boring. Bleeding Mascara is true aggressive melodic metal.

2 Bleeding Mascara

This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE SONG EVER. This song is so amazing. The true talent to go from screaming to singing. Absolutely EPIC!

This song just perfect. Cool screams and nice lyrics. But it hard to understand any words :)... But anyway this is their best song

Wow. Absolutely amazing song. Awesome verses lead to an epic gripping chorus. The best

To the idiot asking how is bleeding mascara in the top spot...oh let's see...because it's EASILY the heaviest and catchiest song of them all?

3 Right Side of the Bed

Really catchy intro, awesome screams and a beautiful chorus
I think this is the true number one of all atreyu-songs

Pure eargasm its as simple as that. Thank you =)

The guitar riffs before and during the chorus drive me crazy.

4 Ex's and Oh's

This song us the most bad@$$ Atreyu song with nice amount guitar riffs pounding drums and a sick incredible voice. definitely my favorite.

This song is awesome, Great guitars, singing and great drums

Greatest Atreyu song hands down. Madden 2005 baby. Didn't even know Atreyu back then and loved the song. Now that I know Atreyu, I love it even more. Glad to see it's in the top ten. Now to get Untitled Finale up here...

Although it has some awesome screaming, it's got other components that balance it out. It has melody, awesome drum and guitar rifts, and the chorus is super catchy. I love this song.

5 Lose It

The first song I ever heard by Atreyu. The best song that they made in my opinion. This should be in the top ten.

WOW... This is the song that should be on the top... At least top 5... Has everything that a song should have...

What? #8 kidding me?

Their best screamo song

6 Her Portrait in Black

My top ten:
1. Her portrait in black
2. A Vampires lament
3. Bleeding mascara
4. Blow
5. Right side of the bed
6. Falling down
7. When two are one
8. Honor
9. Becoming the bull
10. Black days begin

First song I ever heard by them... It should be towards the top of the list.
Everyone should listen to this song, it is awesome!

This song is just simply epic. There isn't much more you can say. Even if it's not number 1 worthy it should definitely be top 10. I mean Underworld Evolution + Atreyu is Godly! LISTEN TO IT!

7 Falling Down

For one thing, it's the #1 Atreyu song on iTunes. For another thing, I have spent 31 hours and 27 minutes listening to this song throughout the past year. That play-count register is telling me 629 for a reason. It's easily one of their best non-screamo songs.

1. falling down
2. becoming the bull
3. doomsday
4. slow burn
5. the crimson
why is bleeding mascara the top??

its just an incredible song, its the first atreyu song I ever heard ( thanks to kerrang album 2008 ) and thanks to that I now love the band.

Bleeding Mascara sucks, Falling Down is way better.

8 The Crimson

This is just the best song ever... Just listen to it and you can feel how you get relaxed... If you love real metal with awesome instruments it's a song for you my friend!

AMAZING SONG! The lyrics.. The screaming.. You can feel this song in your soul! "So crimson and red!.. I feel it flowing from your lips"...

This song was one of Atreyu's big break throughs, it should definitely be number two.

She is almost a perfect song with natural flowing of music.. I always listen this song..

9 When Two are One

The lyrics to this song are insanely poetic. Combine that with the diversity of the vocals and instrumentals in this song and you can't not love this song. Understand if it's not everyone's favorite but it's mine by far.

Like the rising tide
Beating hearts grow but never die
To simplify
I'll stand by your side
Close my eyes
Hope will never die

Will never die...!

That is simply as beautiful as it is possible to be. Growling, vocal, dynamic melody and god damn rapid-fire guitar solo. That's pure masterpiece. Gold!

They all tie 1st; Ex's and Oh's, the Crimson, WTAO, Lip Gloss and Black, and Gallows being the most favorable to me (godspeed to all your opinions, you can't go wrong with Atreyu)

A lot of Atreyu's songs are simply incredible, but I feel this one is getting a worse rep than it should even though it's 6.

10 Blow

Whoever is voting on these songs should be shot in the face. I understand that Atreyu fans all have varying opinions on the different songs, but why are songs like A Song For the Optimists at the bottom, and something like Living Each Day... Towards the top? This list makes no sense! Blow at 13? Blow is one of the greatest songs they've ever written and one of the best off Lead Sails Paper Anchor along with Becoming the Bull, Doomsday, When Two Are One, and Slow Burn. Great throwback to 80's metal--complete with cowbell, guitar solos, and amazing vocals by Brandon!

This is how Metalcore should be, insane song with wonderful solo, it's worthy to be on top, hear it and judge.

As much as I enjoy this song, I also don't, simply for the fact that it isn't heavy enough. And I really don't like the "scream" at the end of the song. The corrus though, is truly amazing. With words like that, it is obvious that this song was meant to be a large middle finger to the rest of the world. This song should easily be at least #7.

I think this one should be at 1st place, one of the most amazing songs, this should be the kind of songs they should sings, and not everything with screams

The Contenders

11 Slow Burn

No solo, but the entirety of the song makes up for it

This is simply the 2nd best song the created

Such a great song

12 Storm to Pass

This Song is the reason I love Atreyu... The BEST song ever by a metalcore band! Atreyu m/

Best song by Atreyu hands down!

13 Lip Gloss and Black

I can't believe it's this far down on the list! This should either be right above or right below Bleeding Mascara in my opinion. An amazing and beautiful song about what it truly means to love someone. The riffs, piano, lyrics, and the emotion... Just great.


Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses rocks and so does this song.


14 The Theft

How can this be 16th? This has been number 1 on my top 25 most played for years!

I'll admit that it may be a hard song to come across, but if you truly love this music, then dear god please give your ears this melody

Nobody knows about this song, but it's easily one of the best metalcore/post hard-core tracks of the decade.

their best song.! & its not even on the list...! Surprising...

Definitely their best song overall, lyrics, guitar and melody are all perfect.
1. the theft
2. blow
3. ex's and oh's
4. falling down

15 Ravenous

Loved this song ever since I played it on guitar hero.

Why This Is not in the top ten? The chorus is amazing

16 Deanne the Arsonist

Powerful song with the O.G. Atreyu sound

17 Doomsday

Absolutely mind blowing.. Little bit popish but still its my favourite

Awesome song! I'd like to ask the first commenter that in WHAT way is this song popish? Screaming, Hard Guitar, Heavy vocals what else do you need from rock?

18 Honor

Simply +

19 Lead Sails (And a Paper Anchor)

How is this not even in the top ten!? I have never heard a song like this and I could listen to it all day. I have suggested this song to many others and they loved it just as much as I did. This song deserves to be number one!

Something about this song just makes you want to listen to it over and over again. First song I heard by them and definitely my favorite!

How is this not in the top ten?. This is definitely one of their best songs, and it's one of the best ballads I've ever heard, maybe even the best ballad I've heard.

Best acoustic style song.

20 Living Each Day Like You're Already Dead
21 Wait for You

This song is really great. The voice, the riffs, the music, oh awesome! It should be in top 10. Atreyu Forever.

This Song is great I love almost all atreyu songs but this song is on a whole other level

Come on...20th.. This is one of their different songs... Deserves to be in top 5

It's a ballad! beautiful lyrics!

22 Untitled Finale

This probably isn't up higher because not a lot of people have listened to it. But this song is incredible, so please make it one of your new favorites! This song has one of the best compositions Atreyu has put together.

Incredible song. Old school Atreyu was amazing, everyone who is listing all Lead Sails Paper Anchors songs don't know anything about Atreyu.
The Crimson, Untitled Finale, You Eclipsed By Me, Creature, We Stand Up, all their older stuff kicks ass.

23 Gallows

By far my favorite. The chorus has helped me through a lot.

What about this song guys wake up!
restless facing shadows voices chasing gallows pole
are you afraid of who we are

24 Stop! Before It's Too Late and We've Destroyed It All

Wonderful song

how is it only on 26th?

25 Creature

The opening to this song gets me every time! So good!

Best vocals by far!

26 Ain't Love Grand

This is my #1 by them. How on Fantasia is this not in the top 20, let alone top 10? An emotional one too

The instrumental sequence is so catchy

27 Lonely

First song I heard by them, and after listening to everything else, it's still my favourite.

28 Demonology and Heartache

Best song. Great instrumentals and emotional moments. For me, the song has a special meaning and it's not only a song. Most underrated song of Atreyu. After hearing this song ten times, you will love it.

One of Atreyu's best, highly underrated and strangely enough from one of their best albums, The Curse. Listened to it countless times and just fallen in love with Atreyu.

As someone who's not a huge fan of Atreyu, this is one of my favorite songs of all time. Nothing geats me as pumped up and enotional as this does.

29 My Fork in the Road (Your Knife in My Back)

Honestly? This song deserves to be higher. For those of you who have never heard this song, you have to try it out. My Fork In The Road is my favorite Atreyu song, followed closely by A Vampire's Lament.

Brilliant riffs and solo. One of the best songs of atreyu. Probably no one on this list has heard this.

Amazing song, with amazing lyrics. It's number one on my list.

30 You Were the King, Now You're Unconscious

The intro for this song is unreal! Best one I've even heard

Track 8 of congregation of the damned. This song has the best opening of all time in any song. Just listen to it and you will see why this is the greatest Ateryu song of all time.

31 The Remembrance Ballad
32 Bleeding Is a Luxury

It has a nice rhythm, beat, vocals, and I love to Sing along to it. Just open your eyes and see, this song can easily be in the Top Ten! You need to realize that BLEEDING IS A LUXURY!

I don't know why this isn't number one you have the lead singer screaming and the drummer singing all soft like. This is number one no questions and everyone needs to realize that a luxury

33 Coffin Nails
34 This Flesh a Tomb
35 A Bitter Broken Memory
36 Can't Happen Here

This one song should be in top 10. You guys don't listen to good songs huh?

37 You Give Love a Bad Name

I love the original song by Bon Jovi and I think Atreyu did a damn fine job with the cover. It's the first song I heard by them and one of my favorites. Badass and awesome. That's all I can say.

38 At Least I Know I'm a Sinner

Old Atreyu was the best! This is definitely one of the best songs on Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses, how is it ranked so low?

39 Black Days Begin

How was this song last? That makes no sense. Its flow is almost perfect!

40 Dilated
41 Epic
42 Five Vicodin Chased with a Shot of Clarity

So many songs from their album "The Curse", but this one didn't make the list? Nevada's Grace, My Sanity on a Funeral Pyre, and This Flesh a Tomb are other notable ones from that album.

43 A Song for the Optimist
44 Two Become One

Great Track.

45 Our Sick Story (Thus Far)
46 So Others May Live

Top 10 to me

47 Congregation of the Damned

How could this song be forgotten? Extremely memorable chorus, blaring music, perfect beat to rock out to, and epic lyrics. What more could you want from this amazing song?

48 Shameful

I'm guessing start to break is an unpopular opinion then? Is that it?

This is one of their best songs. I can't believe how low it is.

49 The Boys Are Back In Town

This is a cover of Thin Lizzy's song and it's so awesome, it's on Atreyu's latest EP

50 You Eclipsed by Me
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