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1 Smokahontas

This song has the new screamer and it takes some getting used to. But after you get used to it, it's stinkin awesome!

I love this song so much! Good blend of metal, eleectronica, and pop. By far their best work.

2 Stick Stickly

Stick Stickly is their best song. I covered it and performed it. Best song to jam to.

I don't see how smokahontas beat this! I mean, smokahontas is a great song but better than stick stickly!? I don't think so. Austin Carlie's screams are way better than Caleb shomo!

Such an awesome song. I dunno why but it reminds me of a sunset

3 Sexual Man Chocolate
4 The Wretched
5 The Revolution

Damn it! This was supposed to be higher its awesome man!

6 Ac-130
7 The Motivation
8 The People's Elbow

This is withered their second or third best song! Absolutely rad!

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9 I Swear I'll Change
10 The Hopeless

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? Dr. Shavargo, Pt. 3
? Last Breath

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11 A for Andrew
12 Fumbles O'Brian

Best song by far. It takes a few listens of the album, but this song really stands out. I believe it was supposed to be the disk opener, but for copyright reasons, they couldn't title the album "Shazam! "

13 Turbo Swag
14 Shut Your Mouth
15 Bro, Ashley's Here
16 Lonely

I love this song. Not your "typical" Attack Attack! Song, but it's so good, and emotional.

17 Renob, Nevada
18 Hot Grills and High Tops
19 The Betrayal
20 If Guns Are Outlawed, Can We Use Swords?
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Top Remixes

1. Last Breath
2. The Wretched
3. I Swear I'll Change
1. Stick Stickly
2. Smokahontas
3. Sexual Man Chocolate
1. Smokahontas
2. The Wretched
3. Stick Stickly



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