Best Attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood

What was your favourite experience at Universal Studios Hollywood?

The Top Ten

1 Revenge of the Mummy - The Ride

Really fun ride and has a fast acceleration that you don't expect. All rides at US Hollywood are great, but this is my favorite.

My cousin and I got FRONT ROW SEATS! AWESOME!

2 House of Horrors

This will scare you so much because your in a dark room with scary music walking around trying to find the exit when scary movie figures jump out at you and scare you so much. I was personally out when Chucky the Killer Doll popped out at me with a knife.

3 Jurassic Park - The Ride

So nicely built, and the drop never gets old!

4 The Simpsons Ride

This is such a fun ride and it actually feels like you are in the ride. Id rate this higher than Transformers and Despicable Me.

5 Studio Tour

It is a very unforgettable experience. You do not know what is going to happen next. I really liked the bit when you where in the subway. I will never forget that experience. - lovaboii72

I really like this tour, it is really exciting and you don't know what will happen next, I love the bit when you are in the subway like lovaboii72 and the bit with jaws - decorulez97

6 King Kong: 360 3-D
7 Terminator 2: 3D
8 Shrek 4-D
9 WaterWorld

Best stunt act in the world, a must see!

10 Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

The Contenders

11 Universal's Animal Actors
12 Transformers: The Ride - 3D
13 The Adventures of Curious George
14 Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem

Very Entertaining!

15 Back to the Future: The Ride
16 E.T. Adventure
17 Flight of the Hippogriff
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