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1 Guty (The Finale)

I agree with the visitor, all the other songs of this series were either hard rock or just heavy metal. But this song is kinda prog metal. They did quite long instrumental part in this song. Stretched this song. They wanted to finish the series with something great. That's why they put a lot of efforts. Though they released another song after it. But this is the best of the "Guti" series. - zxm

Guty the finale is one of the best track that I had still in my Ear.. No doubt this guys had a lots of effort to bring it up on us.. Thanks guys for the track

Finally on top. - zxm

Just a little bit and should be on top. I know its not a very catchy song. It takes time to like this song. But if you like it, then you won't get out of it. The last solo of the song always spins on my mind.

(If you like metal. If you hate metal then you'll never love this song). - zxm

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2 Anmone 2

One was better. - zxm

3 Chaite Paro

Best song of Aurthohin

4 Anmone
5 Aushomapto
6 Cancer V 1 Comment
7 Nikrishto V 1 Comment
8 Uru uru mon V 3 Comments
9 Shurjo 2
10 Chaite Paro 2

Before this song I never realized what is bass guitar. I could clearly identify the bass sounds in this song. - zxm

First song where it made me to bass. from that song I realized like guitar and drums bass is also something. - zxm

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11 Jodi Konodin

Lyrics and singing style r awesome

12 Adbhut Sei Cheleti

I like this song

13 Shurjo 1
14 Nikrishto 2

Would be better if there wasn't any cuss words. - zxm

Best Aurthohin song. Brutal lyrics and great guiter solos and amazing druming

15 Alo r Adhar
16 Abar
17 Nirbodh
18 Shaat Din

Just a masterpiece from them...28 min...just amazing...

19 Guti (from Hell)
20 Epitaph
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1. Guty (The Finale)
2. Aushomapto
3. Anmone
1. Guty (The Finale)
2. Nikrishto 2
3. Shurjo 2
1. Anmone 2
2. Chaite Paro
3. Anmone

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