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1 Anmone 2

One was better. - zxm


2 Guty (The Finale)

I agree with the visitor, all the other songs of this series were either hard rock or just heavy metal. But this song is kinda prog metal. They did quite long instrumental part in this song. Stretched this song. They wanted to finish the series with something great. That's why they put a lot of efforts. Though they released another song after it. But this is the best of the "Guti" series. - zxm

Guty the finale is one of the best track that I had still in my Ear.. No doubt this guys had a lots of effort to bring it up on us.. Thanks guys for the track

This song is freakin awesome! - HatebyDesign

Finally on top. - zxm

3 Chaite Paro

Best song of Aurthohin

4 Aushomapto
5 Anmone

Awesome song

6 Cancer

Tots Of Love

best one

This song is about his cancer. the chorus in this song was awesome. and I don't need to say anything about the bass solo. it's just awesome. what about the guitar solo? not going to say anymore... - zxm

beshi joss

7 Nikrishto

The sound is pure metal. Like it's by Metallica. and the chorus is hugely popular " tumi bolechile manus bodlay. Ami o bodle gachi" The groove sound is ONE OF THE BEST IN BENGALI LANGUAGE.
As I've heard all of Aurthohin I prefer it to be in top three

Coolest song I've ever heard! just awesome!

love it

8 Shurjo 2
9 Uru uru mon

I love the bassline of this song - zxm

The backing vocals is what made the song greater. also there's a little bit of bass solo. that was good too. - zxm

There are two solos in this song. one was played by Shishir and the next one was played by Komol. However those two solos start immediately after one ends. that's why its kinda hard to know which solos are whom. but so far I loved the solo of Komol. especially the middle part licks. amazing. - zxm

10 Chaite Paro 2

Before this song I never realized what is bass guitar. I could clearly identify the bass sounds in this song. - zxm

First song where it made me to bass. from that song I realized like guitar and drums bass is also something. - zxm

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11 Shurjo 1
12 Adbhut Sei Cheleti

I like this song

13 Nikrishto 2

Would be better if there wasn't any cuss words. - zxm

Just awesome

Best Aurthohin song. Brutal lyrics and great guiter solos and amazing druming

14 Jodi Konodin

Lyrics and singing style r awesome

15 Alo r Adhar
16 Abar
17 Nirbodh
18 Shaat Din

Just a masterpiece from them...28 min...just amazing...

19 Guti (from Hell) Guti (from Hell) Cover Art
20 Epitaph
21 Kadbo Bisshoye

This song motivates me whenever I listen to this...

22 Chera Shopno Chera Shopno Cover Art

Very good music condition. This greatest hit song all times. Number one song and beautiful voice. The best band best song lyrics.

It is the best song by aurthohin and it deserve number 1.

This song is one of my favourite song!
LOVE it...


23 Bijoyer Gaan
24 Boyosh
25 Amjonota
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