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21 Bijoyer Gaan
22 Kadbo Bisshoye

This song motivates me whenever I listen to this...

23 Guti

How many versions of this song have? - zxm

24 Fitaser Kanna
25 Boyosh
26 Amjonota
27 Jaak Na
28 Attohonon
29 Guti Punorjonmo

Guti Punorjonmo, the latest part of Guti. Its Guti 5. It isn't like Guti the Finale. But I'd say it's the second or thirds best part of guti the finale. For me its

1. Guti (the Finale)
2. Guti (From Hell)
3. Guti Punorjonmo
4. Guti 2
5. Guti

Anyway, there are some good and bad things in this song.

First of all, the opening piano intro was quite good. The bassline was also quite good. Both slapping and tapping were good. The drumming was average. However the solo was very good. I see the riff was partly taken from Guti (the finale) riff. But the riff is slower than Guti (the finale) riff. Some of the verses were good. The chorus was good however. The vocals was average. The backing vocals of Sumon was also good. The lyrics was however very good.

Now the bad things. First of all I didn't like the some of the lines that was taken from Guti 1. Plus, I didn't like Mark Don's backing vocals. It was better if didn't sing in back. Rafa was better in ...more - zxm

30 Shomadhi Shohor
31 Jhor
32 Sesh Gaan
33 Rater Train
34 Mrittur Shohor
35 Alo Ar Adhar
36 Guti 2
37 Amar Proticchobi
38 Amar Klanti
39 Ghum
40 Chole Gele
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