Best Austin Powers Characters

The Top Ten

1 Doctor Evil

His real name is Douglas Powers. He's Austin's long lost brother, which is ironic because he's Austin's archenemy. He's also really smart but somewhat of a bonehead at the same time, which makes him so funny!

2 Austin Powers Sir Augustine Danger "Austin" Powers is a fictional character from the Austin Powers series of films, and is created and portrayed by Mike Myers.

He's an idiot, but that's why he's so funny. And he does save the world.


3 Mini-Me

He's my favorite character in the trilogy. How can anyone not love Mini-Me? He's so cute and funny!

Even though he doesn't talk, he is really funny. - bilbro29

4 Fat Bastard Fat Bastard is a fictional character in the second and third films of the Austin Powers series. A morbidly obese henchman hailing from Scotland, Fat Bastard serves Dr. Evil.

Fat B@stard is #8? More like #1!

5 Number 2
6 Mrs. Kensington
7 Felicity Shagwell



8 Goldmember
9 Mustafa
10 Scott Evil

Hè is so funny

The Contenders

11 Foxxy Cleopatra
12 Frau

She's my mom's favorite. But she is really funny, especially how she's always yelling. She's also incredibly smart too. You gotta love Frau.

13 Basil Exposition
14 Vanessa Kensington

Her weapon of choice is a Desert Eagle. That's my kind of gun.

15 Number 3

We only see 3-4 times but the Mole thing never gets old

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