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201 Gyroscope
202 The Novocaines
203 Sneaky Sound System
204 Sadistik Exekution
205 Caligula
206 Front End Loader
207 The Trilobites
208 Underground Lovers

Deserve to be way higher on this list...

209 The Hummingbirds

John peel covered a lot of the listings here may he rip who's going to do it noow?

Brought much needed melody and jangliness to the Oz Rock Scene

210 Tall Tales and True
211 The Apartments
212 Laughing Clowns
213 Jack Frost

A side project of Grant McLennan and Steve Kilbey, Jack Frost released two albums well worth checking out.

214 Halogen
215 Clairy Browne & The Bangin' Rackettes
216 The Waifs

Great roots, folk, country, blues, rock band. Cunningham a great guitarist. Vicky and Donna great vocals, with Vicky one of the best harp players I have seen

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217 Evermore
218 SPK

Industrial music should have stopped after Leichenschrei! A brilliant pile driver of an album.

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219 Faker
220 The Porkers V 1 Comment
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