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61 The Seekers

The 41 bands in front would wish they had the success and popularity of the Seekers. 220,000 people turned up to see the Seekers in Melbourne - beat that.

Fifty years later and the band were a sell out on their 50 years reunion tour. Music which not aged, they must surely be in the top ten.

Musically, this group put Australia on the map, with Top 10 hits around the world.

One of the only Aussie bands that stood out amongst the Beatle/Stone era.

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62 The Vines

Craig Nicholls was what rock music needed back when Highly Evolved came out and he has since become Australia's most inspiring musician, in my opinion.

Amazing song writting! Anyone who needs good quallity music with feeling should get to know their music! - ZeppHindle

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63 Sick Puppies Sick Puppies Sick Puppies is an Australian rock band, formed in 1997. Sick Puppies rose to prominence in 2006 when their song "All the Same" was uploaded along with a video to YouTube.

It's a shame having this band at 41. I have seen them in concert 5 times. They are amazing.

Top 10 band for sure and personally my favorite australian band based on average song quality.

Awesome. And the bass plays is solo cute.

I love them! They don't deserve to be on 50! At least 10!

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64 Violent Soho

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. all that needs to be said

Surprised these guys aren't at least in the top 100

How are they so low? Best band ever

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65 Thirsty Merc

With tours all over the country that pretty much ran back to back and people who come back again and again and fill venues to see them, they well and truly deserve to be on this list and a bit higher on the list than quite a few that I've seen.

Such an underrated band! They have amazing, feel good songs and they definitely deserve to be more popular!

It's amazing that Thirsty Merc has not even been considered in this list until now. Slideshows is such an incredible album which I think I have listened to over 100 times. This pop rock band is definitely one the best bands because their music is just purely incredible.

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66 Dead Letter Circus

Best thing to come out of Australia recently. Alternate rock at it's best!

Great tunes just before you go on a motor bike ride. Love it. Good fast sounds

A band that has had success via touring with Cog, but still an awesome band on their on respect. With great progresive rock sound. And an unique sound. A band to look out for.

67 The Veronicas

they were on the suite life of zach and cody. thats where i fell in love with them.

Why are these girls so far dos the list? They're amazing!

68 Hard-Ons

Now these guys can rock! From the late 80's to now. Let there be rock cover is a classic!

69 You Am I

Anyone who seen Tim Rogers in the zone in a small hot sweaty venue... Best ever Aussie band live

I don't understand why You Am I aren't much higher on this list - quite unbelievable really.

Great live shows! Would go a long way to see this band. Have been around for a while too!

You am I is my fave Aussie band ever. End of story.

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70 The Jezabels

Prisoner. One of Australia's best ever

To me: the best rock I have ever heard

71 Tonight Alive

I don't understand how these guys are this far down the list, they are amazing

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72 Something for Kate

Celebrating 20 years and still going strong. Paul Dempsey is one of Australia's most intelligent yet underrated lyricists.

Without a doubt the coolest band in Australia. Paul Dempsey's voice is like little drops of heaven that have floated down to earth and morphed into an audible tone that has seeped into my ears. Rock on Something for Kate!

73 The Go-Betweens

One of the great strengths of The Go-Betweens was the song writing skills of Forster and McLennan, described by The Village Voice critic Robert Christgau as "the greatest songwriting partnership working today." wonderfully poetic and evocative, often angst-ridden, ironic and unusual, but also soft and sensitive combined with great musical ability The Go-Betweens 9 studio albums were full of deceptively simple yet accomplished songs. I am proud to say they are not only australian but the best band to come from our shores.

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74 The Living End

Chris Cheney sits in the grand hall of guitar gods..period. Great, iconic songs. Beautiful melodic music. Without doubt the best live band I have ever seen. Not just a great Australian band but one of the greatest bands of all time.

75 The Screaming Jets

Reminds me of great times in Australia. Also the Finger should be up there too.

Come on and Better best rock songs. Deserve to be in top ten. Dave Gleeson ROCKS!

Why are these guys down so low? There one of the best bands ever!

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76 Noiseworks

These guys were awesome. Do yourself a favour and get their greatest hits album. Jon Stevens has an incredible voice,

Great sound from the 90's. Brings good memories back here in Denmark

On of best singers that came from New Zealand. Noiseworks was awesome and loud. The way Rock n' Roll should be played

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77 Amy Meredith
78 Howling Dollhouse

Unique. Why haven't these guys had more exposure?

Amazing band, should be higher up the order

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79 Cog Cog Cog are an Australian progressive rock band that formed in 1998. Their debut album, The New Normal, was nominated for Triple J's 2005 J Award.

Everybody will find a Cog song they like.

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80 The Sunnyboys V 1 Comment
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