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81 Howling Dollhouse

Unique. Why haven't these guys had more exposure?

Amazing band, should be higher up the order

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82 Grinspoon

The best band Aussie music would never be the same without the phil Jamison rocks

Some great early teen angst rock followed by the crafty poppier tracks of their latter years

83 Cog Cog Cog are an Australian progressive rock band that formed in 1998. Their debut album, The New Normal, was nominated for Triple J's 2005 J Award.

Everybody will find a Cog song they like.

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84 The Sunnyboys V 1 Comment
85 Mental As Anything

Who could forget " Hey there you with the sad face, come back to my place and live it up" Blasphemy that they not top 20., HUGE AUSSIE CULT BAND, brilliant live

Totally underrated great rock and no appreciation like they deserve

Amazing for a bunch of clowns. I haven't heard much by them in northern canada but what I did hear I loved especially if you leave me can I come too.

86 Weddings Parties Anything

Just the greatest band ever - and the songs are exceptional. Live - sensational!

Hold the record for sold out shows in a row at the Corner Hotel

Probably the best Aussie live band of all time.

87 Boy & Bear

Boy and bear are amazing, I went to their concert in the opera house and thousands were there. the are so funny and fantastic

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88 The Screaming Tribesmen
89 Blackfeather

At The Mountain Of Madness - will always be a jewel in the crown of aussie music.

Great band always puts on an awesome show

Best Australian band of all time

90 Spiderbait

God I love Spiderbait, found them through I heart radio last year along with Cold Chisel, love both, but Black Betty was what sold me on these guys, great band, more Americans need to listen to them, along with allot of others on this list! And by the way I think their cover of Black Betty is better then the original, which I heard after theirs, and now can't remember who the original artist was, laugh out loud!

Spiderbait. Their cover of Black Betty is fantastic. It got me to listen to their other stuff. I soon found out that their music was not limited to one style. What a great and refreshing find they were, when I discovered their music.

I can't believe it took me so long to discover this group. Love them.

Great band. Deserve a place in this list

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91 Baby Animals

Best rock singer ever!

92 Eurogliders

Great run of singles in the mid-80s with Grace, Bernie and the team.. Pop/soul perfection and them playing live.. ABSOLUTLEY

93 The Drones
94 Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls

Paul has so many reincarnations, so many bands, this is not an accurate representation of his BRILLIANCE!

Brilliant singer Paul Kelly! Lyrics with real meaning, great commentator.

The best song writer, story teller and poet by far

Paul Kelly, an Australian living legend

95 The Avalanches

Since I Left You is a masterpiece & a huge party at the same time. Wildflower was a solid comeback. - djpenquin999

96 Little Birdy
97 Cut Copy
98 Johnny Diesel & the Injectors

Classic incredible and never to be outdone in the breadth and depth of their music

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99 Frente!
100 Sherbet

Over 20 hit singles and countless Top Ten albums. What are they doing down at 101. Should be in the Top 20.

Best pop group Australia has ever produced! They could rock, do country, rnb, ballads and everything else in between. They should be in any Aussie group list that is worthy or credibility!

Seriously 102! - how to quickly lose credibility - what a joke!

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