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101 Sherbet

Over 20 hit singles and countless Top Ten albums. What are they doing down at 101. Should be in the Top 20.

Best pop group Australia has ever produced! They could rock, do country, rnb, ballads and everything else in between. They should be in any Aussie group list that is worthy or credibility!

Seriously 102! - how to quickly lose credibility - what a joke!

102 The Triffids

The triffids must surely be in the top 10. Beautiful amazing songs.

This is the best band of Australia. And also the Triffids, the Church, the Go-Betweens and Nick Cave.

#113? Erm... right. They certainly do belong in the Top Ten at least!

number 1

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103 1927

Fantastic live band

These guys should be way higher, Ish was a great album!

104 The Wild Cherries

Birth of Aussie garage music. They played it loud.

105 Mortification Mortification Mortification is an Australian Christian extreme metal band which was formed in 1987 as a heavy metal group, Lightforce, by mainstay Steve Rowe on bass guitar and vocals.
106 Erica Owns The Sky
107 Mississippi

Their album is brilliant. Should be in australias top 100. Kings of the world is a top 10 of all time single.

108 Ratcat
109 The Choirboys

Can't believe this band is not higher up the list.. Run to Paradise is an Aussie Anthem

The best band ever! I recomend BIG BAD NOISE: is the best album I ever heard.. And midnight sun have also many powerful songs! AUSSIE HARD PUB ROCK and the best!

110 Angus & Julia Stone
111 The Australian Clowns

An act like this will not be found in coming years, the ultimate in Aussie rock history put together in 1 band, with constant rotating stars.

Keep rocking Aussie Clowns, see you soon, the best!

One of Australias top rock outfits, if you have not seen them, check them out.

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112 Gang Gajang

129 behind midnight oil at number one and the hoodoo gurus at number two these should be a decent third place!

Man this guys are cool! Saw them in Brazil earlier 90'!

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113 The Cruel Sea

One of the best ever, I still listen to them 20 years on

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114 The Scientists

Pure and raw live shows back in the eighties.

115 Bliss n Eso

I don't know if they're already on here or not but they should be.

I love all their songs and I dunno why they aren't as popular as they should be

One of my favourite bands. Should be so much higher!
I love Life's midnight.

Best asussie rap band, y aren't they better placed on this LIST! - TiGz_BRO

116 Pseudo Echo Pseudo Echo

Innovators - weren't just content to go along with the previaling boring template.

117 Psychotic Turnbuckles
118 Busby Marou

Incredible blend of folk, blues and pop. A truly Australian sound and possibly one of the most underrated bands of the modern era

119 Electric Mary

If Airbourne are on the list this band surely deserves a place. Original songs, Huge Melbourne fan base and Very big in Europe.

True to their roots and one of the best live shows you will see a true head rock band the way it used to be.

120 San Cisco
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