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141 Stonefield
142 Spy vs Spy

Remember them very good

The best surf band ever!

Simply THE BEST!

Love them. went to so many gigs in the 80's and 90.s

143 Rocket Science
144 Models
145 Doctor Sayers and the Other Guys V 1 Comment
146 The Red Paintings

Totally original in everything they do! Visually and lyrical, " trash" has set the stage!

147 George
148 Not Drowning, Waving
149 TISM

Who is your favourite genius...?

150 Prefontaine
151 The Dugites
152 Uncanny X-Men V 1 Comment
153 The Radiators

Just pity their album is hard to find

Best rock band of the 80 still good to see live

Loved them so many memories

154 Capture the Crown

How come this and is not already there in the list? :O
It's the greatest Australian band ever!
"You call this a knife? This is a knife! "

V 2 Comments
155 Custard
156 The Cockroaches

These guys were fantastic!

V 1 Comment
157 Newsboys
158 Architecture in Helsinki

Never heard of them but as I'm from Finland they have to be great.

159 Rogue Traders

One of the most famous recent bands that came out of Australia!

Baby, baby, baby
You are my voodoo child, my voodoo child
Don't say maybe, maybe
It's supernatural, I'm coming undone!

10/10 awesome song

160 Tully
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