Best Australian Cities

The Top Ten Best Australian Cities

1 Melbourne

1. Sydeny
2. Melbourne
3. Brisbane
4. Adelaide
5. Gold Coast
6. Perth
7. Canberra
8. Cairns
9. Sunshine Coast
10. Alice Springs

Melbourne is the most liveable city in the world.

Melbourne is one of the best cities in the world. - ParasN2000

Most habitable city for 6 years running.

2 Sydney

every one is madarchot, no one knows about sydney. its a loda place, and all behanchot people live there... gandmare - sabi

Shut up Melbourne, Sydney is way better

Sydney Has So Many Attractions. Best City Ever.

I Live In Sydney And Love It - Cartoonnetworkfan1990

3 Brisbane

BEST WEATHER! Close to the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and lovely mountains. A FANTASTIC city allround!

capital of the sunshine state - ssmith88

Definitely the best

4 Canberra
5 Adelaide

not too big, not too small

6 Perth

Perfect City, Clean, Not too big-not too small, Close to Singapore and Jakarta - aguy00

I want to go here. - BrideiMacBella

7 Gold Coast
8 Darwin
9 Liverpool
10 Cairns

The Contenders

11 Newcastle-Maitland
12 Alice Springs
13 Penrith
14 Sunshine Coast
15 Townsville

Couldn't find the Powerpuff Girls there. - JayJayPlane

16 Melton
17 Hobart
18 Geelong


19 Wollongong
20 Queanbeyan
21 Mount Gambier

It's a beautiful town.

22 Broome

It’s really nice! - forest_finland

23 Wagga Wagga

After its double name, Wagga's biggest claim to fame is its sports champions, but I prefer the more childlike things the town has to offer, such as the former yellow Wiggle and the miniature railway. - JayJayPlane

24 Katoomba

'Three rock sisters',... MLP, anyone?
Also, they literally have a shop called Circus Boutique. - JayJayPlane

25 Newcastle

Near Sydney

26 Launceston

Great place to live

27 Tweed heads
28 Taree
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