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1 Picnic at Hanging Rock

A truly classic movie, so eerie yet you couldn't stop watching. Based around four schoolgirls and there teachers who go missing at Hanging Rock. A MUST SEE - brad76

2 Muriel's Wedding

Perfect casting, Great music, and catchphrases like "your terrible muriel" that took over the world. - brad76

Great feel good film

3 The Black Balloon

A superb movie with great acting. Describes from the viewpoint of the brother whose sibling has Autism.. - brad76

4 The Castle

Awesome aussie film about the Little fish (the kerringan family) taking on the big fish (government) - brad76

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5 Red Dog

Don't know a person who didn't enjoy it

This is a true story!

A brillant movie how one dog can affect a whole town - brad76

6 The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
7 Paradise Road

Confronting, Moving, well cast. About the women during the fall of Singapore in 1942 who get held captured by Japan and the ordeals that must go through. - brad76

8 Gallipoli

Crowe did his magic again... - Ananya

A completely brillant movie.. You really must see this... - brad76

9 Wolf Creek

Eeerie and makes you think "what would you do" - brad76

10 Crocodile Dundee

Great older aussie movie - brad76

The Contenders

11 Mad Max: Fury Road

This should be number one. Is very action pack! It has a ton of action going on! More action than any other Mad Max movie! - Danteem

Best action movie I have ever witnessed and it comes from Ocenia!

12 Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

The most provoking and best movie of Mad Max, Aussie's very own sci-fi.

13 Mad Max
14 Happy Feet

Perhaps this is the only great Aussie animated movie about a penguin who can't sing but tap-dance with his feet.

15 Babe
16 BMX Bandits
17 Chopper

Most underrated movie, one of the best acting performances by Eric Bana

18 Paper Planes
19 Blinky Bill
20 Lion The lion is one of the big cats in the genus Panthera and a member of the family Felidae. The commonly used term African lion collectively denotes the several subspecies in Africa.


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