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41 National General Insurance
42 Hanover

Hanover auto insurance policy for an entire year covering two cars and and two drivers was less than 50% of what Progressive wanted for a year for both of us.

43 Acuity

They have great agents!

44 Loya Insuance Group

I had Loya Insurance for over 3 years and had amazing customer service

45 Grange Insurance

Best kept secret in auto insurance. The people are friendly and genuine, very helpful. Grange does not raise your rates just because a deer jumps in front of your brand new car four months after signing up. An insurance company that sticks with me after paying my $8,300 auto body repair bill without raising my rates has earned my business and my trust for a long time!

Great fast service, friendly people. I love Grange!

Is this ins. Any good

46 Dairyland Auto

Expensive.. If I could put them at 100 I would they're not that great. The customer service is good I just hate the price

I've had quotes from all a the companies above and Dairyland was the lowest. Thank you Dairyland.

47 Foremost
48 Cumberland Insurance
49 Donegal

Great company! Easy to deal with and great customer service especially in claims.

50 Lancer
51 Wayne Mutual

Decent Insurance, but after more than 20 years and very few claims, premiums still stay the same or increase.

52 GuideOne Insurance
53 Pronto Insurance
54 Westfield
55 Turner-Vermost Insurance
56 Allied Insurance
57 Electric Insurance
58 West Bend
60 Ace
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