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1 The Scarecrow The Scarecrow Cover Art

It's rare for a song to have a moment that gives you chills. It's even more rare for a song to have four or five of those moments. Without a doubt my favorite Avantasia song, and one of my favorite songs in general.

One of the best songs I've heard in my life. People say there is no such thing as a perfect song. Play them this and they will be proven wrong. The guitars, the drums, the Jorn, the vocals, the lyrics, the Jorn, the epicness, the Jorn!

My favorite song, not only because of Jorn, but because of the song itself. It has quality, power and it's a definitely one of the best songs that came out from Tobias Sommet. Keep on rocking, we want more!

This song is simply perfect! Lyrics, voice, music, rhythm! Greatest song ever made!

2 The Seven Angels The Seven Angels Cover Art

Yes, Jesus Christ what a song it is. If this genre was at all popular with the general public this song would be equivalent to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. I listen to it a few times every day and never get sick of it. The part after like 8-9 minutes that starts with "I have been alone 'til a madman came along" just givs me goosebumps every time. Kudos, Mr Sammet.

This song is wihtout doubt the best Avantasia song and up there with the best Symphonic Power Metal songs of all time. It has everything: a strong and excellent Power Metal chorus, a badass solo, a Meatloaf-like piano part and an outro that geniounely makes me cry tears of joy. I seriously can't live without this song.

This song is the best I ever heard, maybe even better then stairway to heaven. It has everything that a song needs: Soft parts, Hard Parts, Solos and all kind of voices all together that make a great chorus. If you never heard this song I recommend you to listen to it

This song is just awesome! Only fact that it changes tempo for about 4 times throughout it, it makes it really enjoyable even after listening to it over and over again. I would rate this 10/10 and maybe the best song of Avantasia!

3 Farewell Farewell Cover Art

Old favorite...introduced me to Sharon and the whole Symphonic side where I found Nightwish and other similar bands

The one that introduced me into them.

Awesome melody... Breathtaking duet...

4 Death is Just a Feeling Death is Just a Feeling Cover Art

What an incredible song! The chorus is pure awesomeness and the strange parts are perfect! Jon Oliva's interpretation is excellent, he seems to be really insane and hurted.

Soaring, theatrical, haunting, and even a little mournful. Just about the most perfect symphonic power metal song you could ask for.

Jon Oliva rocks, hands down! And Tobi is amazing, like always.

5 Dying for an Angel Dying for an Angel Cover Art

I love this song! Awesome lyrics and music.. Should easily be in top 5 of this list. Please listen to it and decide for yourself.

It's awesome! This music, this lyrics...

6 Let the Storm Descend Upon You Let the Storm Descend Upon You Cover Art

It's simply the most epic song I'Ve ever heard.
Someone has to push the Ghostlight song, because they are simply on top of most Avantasia songs.

Just a fantastic piece of art. Stunning intro, powerful chorus and fantastic singers.

I think it is the best song on Ghostlights.

Epic in every possible sense.

7 The Raven Child The Raven Child Cover Art

One of the best songs I've ever heard.
The vocals are incredible, haven't heard a duo mix as well as Hansi Kürsch and Jorn Lande do in my life.
The music is amazing, it has soft and slow parts and it has hard and fast parts. The singing completely fits with the music.
Lyrics are also so incredible that they actually force you to read them, and if you resist reading the lyrics, you have my respect.
All out an incredible song, great music, awesome singing with amazing music, 9/10 from me, making it my favourite song by Avantasia.

At first was sceptic about this song, and last 2 minutes really didn't do it for me, but at the end you just can't stop listening to it over and over again, the hooks are amazing, vocal performances of a decade to be honest, deserves nothing less than top 5

8 The Wicked Symphony The Wicked Symphony Cover Art

Avantasia has many great songs, but this one is just perfect on every aspect, amazing and powerful chorus, nice ''contrast'' between major and minor parts, the high and low's, and perfectly timed transitions

I have been a power metal and avantasia fan for years, and I can say that This is a true masterpiece, along with the seven angels and scarecrow

Perfect! The story behind this song, a story of struggle, the amazing vocal stand-off, the epic intro, the fantastic and ear-catching melody and the whole song itself - just perfect

9 The Toy Master The Toy Master Cover Art

It features Alice Cooper, what can be better!
Alice is the godfather of shock rock and metal!

10 The Final Sacrifice The Final Sacrifice Cover Art

It's just awesome... Since it starts it's a song with full power in its lyrics and music, I recommended it to everyone who wants to start to listening this amazing group.

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11 Avantasia Avantasia Cover Art

Awesome chorus... Time telling me to say farewell but I knew that I would fight hell and I know we will... Go for another time you can see for another time, we'll be free for no more farewell...

One of my favorites!

12 The Tower The Tower Cover Art

How could this be #30?
This is one of the best songs of all time.
Its perfect.
My list would be:
1. The tower
2. Reach out for the light
3. Farewell
4. Chalice if agony
5. Breaking away

A complete masterpiece

Easily the best; great harmonies, riffs and an epic tone. Should be much higher.

Great lyrics! Great Music! What greatness!

13 Sign of the Cross Sign of the Cross Cover Art

Greatest epic act, one of the best choruses in hard rock metal history, in the style of Dio Rainbow-Sabbath days!

This chorus, please. It's a perfect hymn.

14 Cry Just a Little Cry Just a Little Cover Art
15 Unchain the Light Unchain the Light Cover Art
16 Alchemy Alchemy Cover Art
17 Another Angel Down Another Angel Down Cover Art

Fantastic song! Intro is awesome! Riffs are standart but anyway the song is perfect!

The lyrics are awesome, probably the most important moment in the wicked trilogy (y'know, guy sells his soul)

18 Master of the Pendulum Master of the Pendulum Cover Art
19 Mystery of a Blood Red Rose Mystery of a Blood Red Rose Cover Art

It was originally supposed to have Meatloaf on vocals but he backed out due to a contract dispute with the label.

Sounds a bit like Meat Loaf. Very melodic song.

20 Reach Out for the Light Reach Out for the Light Cover Art

One of the best songs of all time.
I could have voted for the tower but this one
Doesn't have any comments so fine.

21 Serpents in Paradise Serpents in Paradise Cover Art
22 Runaway Train Runaway Train Cover Art

Should be in the top 5.

Must be on the top 10!

One of the best

23 Promised Land Promised Land Cover Art

Avantasia have a stupid amount of brilliant songs, it's impossible to choose the best, but I feel this one is underrated.

Hey hey hey why this one is not on the first number guys?

24 Lost in Space Lost in Space Cover Art
25 No Return No Return Cover Art
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