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21 Unchain the Light
22 Twisted Mind

This is far the best song in my opinion, just love it!

Love this song my introduction to the band and the best I've heard since. Its even better live

23 Lost in Space

I fell in love with song at the first listen! Awesome and flowing))

24 Runaway Train

Better than The Wicked Symphony in my opinion - BeeBlue

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25 The Watchmakers' Dream
26 Devil in the Belfry

This is pure epicness. The riffs the drums and especially the vocals are awesome. The refrain takes you with it and your ears will bleed from happiness.

Get this to a higher spot! - 906389

27 I Don't Believe in Your Love

Awesome energy, emotional lyrics, and a powerful near-closer to an absolutely incredible album

28 Wastelands

Amazing song, amazing vocals, amazing melody.

29 Memory
30 In Quest For

One of the most beautiful little music pieces ever written - BeeBlue

31 Rat Race
32 Symphony of Life
33 Black Orchid

This song is so EPIC! I simply love it! The lyrics are great and the melody is the best part! The intire album is great but this song kicks asses! Thank you for this song Avantasia! Thanks!

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34 The Looking Glass

Just wanna point this one out as a special song in mid tempo which I like a lot

I love all the Avantasia songs, but this one... I just can�'t stop listening, it�'s really great, and Tobi's voice simply amazing.

35 What Kind of Love
36 The Story Ain't Over
37 Neverland V 1 Comment
38 Crestfallen V 1 Comment
39 Down in the Dark
40 Angel of Babylon

Am I the only one who loves this?

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