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41 Carry Me Over

I like it, it is a song best from AVANTASIA, it�'s listing in americalatina, over all in Ecuador, POWER METALL!

42 The Great Mystery

An epic journey, from the begining till the end, a spectacular reunion of talented voices witch comes in a crescent wave to a shivering end

43 Ghostlights

Absolutely fantastic performance. Top notch

Great vocals. It just made me speed my Car when I'm listening to it

This song deserves to be a Power Metal anthem, like Emerald Sword or Black Diamond.
This is, just, mindblowing, I am speechless.

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44 States of Matter
45 Breaking Away V 1 Comment
46 Scales of Justice

First song of Avantasia tath I had listened.
So this song attract me to the band

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47 Stargazers

Great feeling through the entire nine minutes; Sammet along wiht Lande, Kiske and Hartmann make the thing magic through guitar solos and winding bass parts. Symphonic harmonies along with powerful parts and an electric chorus make for a dark yet beautiful piece.

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48 Shelter from the Rain
49 Where Clock Hands Freeze

For me... The best music from them!

Yep powerful and awesome lyrics

50 Sleepwalking
51 The Haunting V 1 Comment
52 Lucifer V 1 Comment
53 Black Wings
54 Spectres

When it comes to whisking you away to another place, few things succeed better than this song. 10/10

Best song from their newest album, surpirses me it didn't stand here yet. Give it a try

55 Savior In the Clockwork

My ultimate top. When I first heard the passage between 8th and 9th minute of the song it felt like heaven.

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56 Inside
57 Blizzard on a Broken Mirror
58 Forever is a Long Time

This is awesome how is it so far down!

59 Alone I Remember
60 Blowing Out the Flame
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