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1 Sozin's Comet Part 4: Avatar Aang

It is the best way to end a series, from defeating Fire Lord Ozai to the long awaited moment that Katara and Aang express each others love for one another. It is a classic way to end a hero show.

It was a good episode, especially the Zuko-Azula Agni Kai (which ranks among the greatest fights in television history), but it was not quite as good as Ember Island Players, Zuko Alone or The Blue Spirit. When I'm watching, I find that the more down-to-earth episodes are more enjoyable: the ones that humanize the characters. Without those, the finale would've just been a visually stunning, but ultimately thematically empty fight scene.

Best episode from the series, and the most dramatic, too! It has been a great series and this is by far the best pert of the series. This comment is probably lame. I will stop now

Most perfect T.V. show episode ever. - PeeledBanana

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2 The Ember Island Players

This was the funniest thing I've ever seen, I'm cracking up in the middle of the library just thinking about it. A parody of a show that's IN the show itself? Just TOO awesome. The creators must really know their fandom, because they got everything spot on: the audience's perceptions of the characters, their reactions to some of the events that happened in the series, and even the views on the different romances! They are poking fun at their show, but on a deeper level, the episode actually brings in some nostalgia. It makes us realize how far we've come, how much our characters and story have matured and developed, and that it will all come to an end soon :(

Still, a hilarious episode.

This and "Tales of Ba Sing Se are pretty much tied for me because after you see ATLA, you don't care as much about the plot as much as just great moments to remember and these two just top the list, whatever my mood is basically changes which I find "better"; If I'm in a good mood or want to be cheered up it's usually this, but if I'm sad and want to be sad, The tales will always wins. Ember Island though overall is SLIGHTLY better because it's great throughout the whole episode, compared to the small 5 minutes of Uncle Iroh (The best part). I would just like to highlight the best part is "Tough's" Sonic Screams - Always makes me lose it (Fun fact: Toph was suppose to look more like the guy who played toph in the film. Now you know why Toph wouldn't cast her part any other way! )

This episode was a perfect way for the writers to summarize this entire show with a light hearted method right before the finale. More importantly they were incredibly perceptive in regards to what an Avatar movie would inevitably be.

The best filler I have ever seen.

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3 The Siege of the North, Part 2

A truly beautiful episode. The way they use colors with relation to the moon spirit, how they manage to tie up most story arcs, and still open new ones for the next seasons, and just overall how the episode feels to have a larger scale than the others of the season, making it a great season finale.

A really great season finale.

A truly epic finale

4 The Blue Spirit

This is one of those episodes that really speaks up to its audience and not down. It doesn't try to avoid being dark but like all of ATLA it never gets too wrapped up in itself so it can always spare a few seconds for a quick joke. The near last scene with Aang talking to Zuko unmasked is just brilliant. It perfectly captures the essence of the two character's personality and relationship to each-other at that point in the show. This is the only episode in the show that does this style so well. To be honest I'm not sure if this is "THE BEST EPISODE", but it's a damn good one!

My favorite episode of the whole Series! This had so much to offer in terms of enjoyment and revelation, plus I believe this is the first episode where Aang and Zuko truly started to understand each other if only just a little bit, and the action was phenomenon.

How is the Blue Spirit not higher up! It's enthralling, with fantastic action sequences, plenty of laugh-out-loud laughs, and intriguing mystery. The end is positively mind-blowing - seeing who was under that mask really showed us the first rustlings of fate.

5 Tales of Ba Sing Se

Iroh's story is one of the most touching and memorable stories I've seen in a long time. There are only three stories I can think of that brought me to tears, and this is one of them.

This was an amazing episode. Hands down my favorite. It does not deserve to be called a filler because it lets you look deeper into each character as they spend their day in Ba Sing Se. It puts so many emotions in one show. And I have watched it MANY times because of that.

I don't really like this episode that much but I absolutely love Zuko and Iroh's stories! Because Zuko's date with that girl was awkward but touching it shows that Zuko does have a heart and Iroh's story is just heartbreaking! The scene where he cries for his son while singing that song just destroyed me!

I had a rock next to me. It started crying when Iroh started to sing.

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6 Zuko Alone

Even before this episode he has been my favorite character. He is so deep, so torn, and so constantly betrayed. He is the character with the most behind him, and the character who truly makes one feel for him. I don't care that he is fire nation, he is my total favorite.

This episode is clearly the best. It's the best because it takes a character we all hated up until that point (Zuko) and humanized him. "The Storm" sort of did that but this one pushed it over the edge.

This episode is the one that cements Zuko as one of the most complex characters on the show, and truly shows his good side and what he stands up for. It also shows parts of his past, revealing his mistreatment by his family and how he came to be who he is. It does a fantastic job of really kicking off his redemption arc, and shows him at his most fearsome, as well as his most humble.

I love this episode cause it truly explain why zuko is having a hard time that and the episode the Storm.

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7 The Boiling Rock, Part 2

I just love watching this episode (both parts). It's constant tension, and Sokka really becomes a man by rescuing his father and Suki.

I loved the reaction from sokka's dad when sokka met him, and the ending with Ty-lee and Mai were really... Can't find the right words

We all knew that Sokka and Aang did not relate on a lot of levels. Therefore, the Zuko-Sokka bromance fit all too perfectly.

Hilarious with a great plot, both episodes!

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8 The Crossroads of Destiny

This is basically 'The Empire Strikes Back' of Avatar. Look how similar it is, the Gaang is at its most vulnerable just like Luke and the Rebellion, Aang left the Guru against his better judgement due to a vision of Katara in danger just as Luke left Yoda with the vision of his friends being in trouble, the Fire Nation has nearly complete control of the Earth Kingdom just like how the Empire had nearly complete control of the galaxy. On top of all of that, Zuko dips to his lowest point, betraying Uncle Iroh for the easy path with his sister. When I watched this when it first aired I was in shock by all of this, plus it was a season finale so we had to wait almost a year to see where this was going. It is probably the most important episode when it comes to the characters and is by far the best episode of the best show ever.

The best kinds of episodes are the ones that give you an experience and leave you wanting more. This episode is the epitome of that since it's a season finale.

9 The Beach

This episode does a wonderful job of humanizing our "villains", especially Azula. This episode gave us so many great character moments and provided us with fantastic insight in to the inner turmoil of usually one-sided characters who's emotions we rarely get to see: Azula, Mai, and Ty-Lee

I love how they humanize the people who mostly are just affected by the influence of Azula. I mean, this is probably the most hilarious part considering the culture shock and how they adjust for a small amount of time to not being royalty. Pure genius!

It's very emotional to see who they really are.

So cringeworthy, but not in a bad way

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10 The Drill

Lol! Filled with action? You are hysterical! You were obviously being sarcastic, and I love that! This episode was so tedious that it's kinda memorable in some weird way... Even in the Ember Island Players they made fun of this!

This is such a great episode filled with action

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11 Lake Laogai

Did net just... die? Y'know, it was really unclear.

Lake of Laogay. Lol


Rip jet

12 The Storm

One of the best episodes of the avatar series. I love how they show the limilarities between the hero and the villain.

This is the episode that actually began the avatar universe. Before this we were just getting a look into how the avatar world works but after this things got serious.and We finally looked into the motives and backstories of the two protagonists

13 Sozin's Comet Part 3: Into the Inferno

This is the episode with Zuko and Azula's final agni kai, which is the most amazing fight in the series.

Royal duel action sequence

Amazing action sequence between Zuko and Azula - PeeledBanana

Zuko vs Azula = best action sequence of the entire show

14 Winter Solstice Part 2: Avatar Roku
15 The Day of Black Sun Part 2: The Eclipse

Such an overpowering episode. With a great story and amazing animation.

An awesome episode, it get's you hyped up what's to come

The lightning looked cool

How is this not higher not only is t a very important episode for the plot it makes like 5 filler episodes relevant by bringing back characters

16 The Deserter

In my opinion, an underrated episode, featuring an underrated character in Jeong Jeong. This was the first episode in which the nature of firebending itself is examined - a powerful instrument that can be difficult to control, and is often fueled by impulse. Through Jeong Jeong and his student, Zhao, we came to understand the fire nation better, since Zhao's lack of self control causes his powers to become wildfire. Aang's own experiences with self control are also a major step in his character development, as he ends up hurting Katara, and hates the fact that he unwittingly hurt someone he loved.
Jeong Jeong himself I find to be a fascinating character - a master of an art he despises. His brief talk with Katara, a water bender who can heal, is pretty heartbreaking - he wishes he could use water to heal, rather than use fire to cause damage.

17 The Guru

I loved this episode. Has to be the most educational episode in the show. Loved it. Taught me so much. Inspiring. Chakra, chakra, chakra, everyone loved chakra, chakra, chakra, chakra sandwich tastes good, yum!

18 The Firebending Masters

For me, one of my absolute favorites- the animation and score is so beautifully done, as is the message and character realizations that occur. I definitely cried the first time I watched this episode... and maybe a few more times after...

The best episode for me.

19 The Cave of Two Lovers

It's so beautiful

Secret tunnel

This episdode would probably be in the top 3 if it were up to me, the jokes were CRAZY funny


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20 The Desert

Is episode is in my top three favorites. This one not only captured the visceral fear of being trapped in a large unforgiving environment with no real hope I scape better than anything I've eve seen before, but it also showed is a new side if Aang: the supremely angry side. Losing ppa, his only living link to his past life, breaks something in Aang, and seeing him try to deal with this loss kills me whenever I watch it. Amazingly done.

This episode adds another dimension to Aang's character. Aside from the death of Monk Gyatso, Aang remains the happy-go-lucky anti-stress avatar that can hardly relate to deep, personal pain. Here we finally see anger and frustration consume his spirit, but this time it takes several episodes to reach inner peace yet again.

Sokka with cactus juice is pure gold.

Also when sokka drank the cactus juice and went beserk

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