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41 The King of Omashu
42 Imprisoned

Oh my!

43 The Northern Air Temple
44 The Waterbending Master
45 Seige of the North, Part 1

This episode is number 1 on quite a few other lists, not sure why not on this one. It was creative, beautiful, and totally memorable.

46 The Swamp
47 Bitter Work
48 Appa's Lost Days
49 The Awakening
50 The Runaway
51 Nightmares and Daydreams

The funniest episode this show ever had. - booklover1

This was such a filler episode, blah

Very funny and tottaly the best - simpsondude

Did not injoy I almost recommend skipping if you sort of don't like maiko like me

52 The Southern Raiders

I love this episode, its impossible to pick a favorite but I gave this one my vote because it's SO FAR DOWN THE LIST. This episode was INCREDIBLE. Katara blood bends which just shows how emotionally unstable she is. Zuko's reactions to the whole thing are priceless. The fact that Katara says she will never forgive the man who killed her mother is deep and bold for a kids show considering most would try to peddle the 'forgiveness yay' message. Katara finally forgiving Zuko was beautiful. This was a stand out episode in regards to May Whitman's (voice of Katara) voice acting. Plus the cliffhanger at the end which introduces Aangs struggle to kill the fire lord. Just a spectacular episode... oh and the animation was phenomenal too!

I LOVED this episode, so much character development and Zuko + Katara became friends.

Its last? This was the defining episode for Katara!

One of the best character development episodes with a lot of pure emotion.

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53 The Boy In the Iceberg
54 Winter Solstice Part 1: The Spirit World
55 The Waterbending Scroll
56 The Great Divide

I feel sorry for whoever put this here.

57 The Fortuneteller
58 Bato of the Water Tribe

We did meet June... but other than that... BOOO-ISH!

59 Return to Omashu
60 Avatar Day
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