Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold: Random Album Review

Avenged Sevenfold is without any doubt one of my all-time favorite Metal Bands EVER! I mean everything about them screams Metal! While there are better bands, A7X is ondoubtably the most popular Modern Metal Band! And today I take a look at a album, that is both hated and beloved: Nightmare
Which was the first album, they released after Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivans death!

Nightmare is by far the greatest song on the album! The riff through the song is completly kick@$$ ! It manages with its intro and harsh vocals to clearly stay in my mind, which is why it's an A7X fan-favorite!
This song was recorded on the 18. May. 2010, which was my 10th birthday!

Welcome To The Family
This song is undeniably catchy, it is scientifically proven it is impossible to not step with your foot in rhythm! Of course instrumentally it is great!

Danger Line
From the amazing drum intro you know this song is amazing! The guitar work is purely amazing! The vocals make it one of the greatest war songs I know!

Buried Alive
While this song begins slowly, it later gets way faster! The guitar solo following is downright awesome! The second half gets far faster and heavier, remimdimg me somewhat of Welcome Home!

Natural Born Killer
Again the intro is super awesome, getting heavy really fast! I mean WOW! The riff is absolutely awesome throughout the entire song and again the drums are downright kick@$$ ! I also have to mention, this chorus is just WOW!

So Far Away
This is the beginning of the main criticism this album gets: Slow Songs! While not most slow A7X songs appeal to me, this manages to stand out for me! Unlike in other songs, instruments and vocals blend together to make this a real good Slow Song!

God Hates Us
While it starts off, very slow, it bursts out into the maybe heaviest song on the album! The vocal performance of M.Shadows makes this song truly heavy and awesome!

Another Slow Song! While it has a great message and lyrics, it is'nt a outstanding song itself!

Tonight The World Dies
Yet ANOTHER Slow Song! The instrumental performance makes it much more sinister! Though at points the song jumps to much more heavier, which makes it way better!

This was the last song made by The Rev! It shows great work on drums and even piano! Though the vocals just don't sound pretty good! While it is again a Slow Song, the piano just makes it unuque!

Save Me
And finally we have this final song, which takes pure 10 minutes! It starts off brilliantly and stays great throughout! The work on the bass is great and the vocals make it even better! And of course the ending is truly amazing!
This song is almost as good as Nightmare!

So while the album often got cricised it gave us numerous great songs, which such ratings:
Nightmare: 10/10
Welcome to The Family: 9/10
Danger Line: 9/10
Buried Alive: 8,5/10
Natural Born Killer: 8/10
So Far Away: 9,5/10
God Hates Us: 8,5/10
Victim: 8/10
Tonight The World Dies: 8,5/10
Fiction: 8,5/10
Save Me: 10/10

While the album truly has too many Slow Songs, it still has more than enough great songs so I can give it a:
9/10, adjective "awesome"
It is easily one of Avenged Sevenfolds best albums ever and a great Metal Album to recommend!


Nightmare was recorded 10 days after my 7th birthday, and it is one of the only A7X songs I like. - MrQuaz680

Good review, this is definitely a spectacular album - Shake_n_Bake13

Favorites: Buried Alive, Natural Born Killer, Save Me

Not as good as City of Evil though. Nothing tops that album. - Songsta41