City of Evil


City of Evil is easily the best album by A7X, it has a lot of diversity while still having like a constant City of Evil like sound, it has a lot of great guitar solos, and has a theme going with all the shorter songs from Beast and the harlot through Seize the Day, and all of the epics from Sidewinder through MIA, also the 3 part intro song "Beast and The harlot/Burn it Down/Blinded in Chains" is awesome, A7X has all the hits, but except for them its not really that great an album compared to City of Evil

My top 6 is:
1. City of Evil
2. Waking the Fallen
3. Nightmare
4. Diamonds in the Rough
5. A7X
6. Sounding the Seventh Trumpet - D2Demon

Avenged have many great albums, but I'm voting for City of Evil as I think this was the band's biggest turning point, going from their metalcore roots to a more hard rock sound which in my opinion suits the band much better. Waking the Fallen had great guitar work but too much screaming, M Shadow's vocals are a lot cleaner here and a lot of these songs are more enjoyable to listen to.
Beast and the Harlot is dark and brooding but a real shredder of a tune. Bat country is another such example and even when it slows down during Seize the Day we still get some epic solos with some very meaningful lyrics to their songs.
Whilst their later albums are great City of Evil just feels like their best overall.

Not sure why this isn't the highest rated masterpiece. The first half of the album has a bunch of their hits, but the second part of the album is perhaps the best collection of songs they have ever released. Sure the production quality isn't perfect, but every single song after and including "seize the day" should always be listened to in one sitting. The Wicked End? Really awesome use of an orchestra. Strength of the World? Includes my favorite guitar solo ever written. MIA? Best A7X closer to date.

This kicks album kicks ass, plain and simple. I still come back to it every month or so and have multiple eargasms. Each song reminds me of a certain point in my childhood, it's incredible how moving and powerful the music is. This is why A7X became popular. It's as simple as that. This album will probably always be their best. I look forwards to a remastered version coming out within the next decade.

While Nightmare and the self-titled were both very enjoyable, they were short, too soft, and didn't seem to ft A7X's style. Those are problems that City of Evil does NOT have. The only flaw on CoE was lengthy songs... But that's not actually a bad thing, now is it? Plus, Beast and the Harlot and Bat Country have two of the greatest riffs A7X has ever produced. This is their best album. So before blindly "jumping on the bandwagon", think about what's actually good, and not just popular. - ThatStrangeKid42

From best to worst, City of Evil, Self Titled Album, Waking the Fallen, Nightmare, The Stage, Sounding the Seventh Trumpet, Hail to the King. Their self titled album and Waking the Fallen were hard to make a decision on. COE is their best, no question, though.

Nightmare wasn't as good as City of Evil. But Avenged Sevenfold is probably tied. It had Afterlife (their best song) and Little Piece of heaven and a few others like almost easy and critical acclaim but having dear god on it made a little worse.

City of Evil is a amazing album! I only really like is because of their best ones Beast and a Harlot and Bat Country are the best ones!

HOW? How in gods name is # 3 this is the best A7X album ever... The only reason their self titled is # 1 is because it has after life and a little piece of heaven, sure their great songs but you need more great songs to make a great album. All of City of Evil's songs rock if we all listen to this album we will realize that this is the best A7X album ever...

City of Evil is Avenged at their best, they had just got signed to warner and threw it all on the line. This is album is when people truly started paying attention to Syn's musicianship and it showed off the creativity and potential of each band member. Without City of Evil in their discography the A7X legacy would look very different.

Their self titled is good, but doesn't compare to City Of Evil. Most of Nightmare wasn't that great. It just wasn't the same without the Rev. Bat Country! That's all there is to it!

I feel this song has the strongest trackline on it, all the songs, in their own way, are absolutely amazing from the drums to the solo's to the catchy riffs ALL OVER this album.

Bat Country, MIA, and Seize the Day are all songs that are single-worthy, having all three masterpieces in one album is just awesome.

Strength of the World, The Wicked End, Sidewinder and M.I.A. The only four reasons this album needs to be #1, Burn it Down as well if you really need a fifth.

Perfect, addictive, melodic riffs and vocals. Incredible drumming on Bat Country. Soaring guitars on MIA. Dynamic vocals on MIA. Flat out rocks

We all know the sole reason why their self-title is first... Because the people who voted for it only know one song by the band: Afterlife.

city of evil is the best album that i would like to choose ..i love the songs M.I.A and bat country

This album is what has got them into the league of bests...
Nightmare n avenged sevenfold are also amazing.. But I'd go with this...

1. City of Evil
2. Waking the Fallen
3. Avenged Sevenfold
4. Nightmare
5. The Stage
6. Hail to the King
7. Sounding the Seventh Trumpet

1. City of Evil
2. Avenged Sevenfold
3. Waking the Fallen
4. Nightmare
5. The Stage
6. Hail to the King
7. Sounding the Seventh Trumpet

Seize the day, beast and the harlot, wicked end, betrayed, trashed and scattered. The list goes on and on

Most songs on this album are very underrated. I promise listen to betrayed, wicked end, burn it down, MIA, blinded in chains and you will not be dissappointed.


City of Evil is the best album by A7x. Every song from this album is great. East or West A7x is the best. Keep loving A7x.

This is the best one, it has songs like Sidewinder, Betrayed, The Wicked End, Seize the Day and Blinded by Chains.

This is my favorite A7X album and honestly I think nightmare and A7X are overrated but that's just my opinion - Kornfan13

I would put this number 1 with their self titled album as a VERY close second. Absolutely epic album.

This represents a7x in their prime. Not a bad song here. The recordings are raw and fast paced too.

What? City of Evil has better songs than self titled, well apart from a little piece of heaven. Bat Country and Seize the Day vs Afterlife and Dear God. The first lot wins. In fact, this album is so good it reminds me of all the things happened in 2005. - metaldude8