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1 Nightmare
2 Seize the Day

love all of them.. but this one is amazing...! one of the greatest songs I've ever heard, amazing video and it has a good touching storyline.. actually Shadows is a very good actor too.. we can feel the pain on the song by his every move in the song... just great..!
M. Shadows with his gorgeous voice, and Syn Gates with his fantastic lead guitar play, and Zacky V. with the beautiful voice of his acoustic guitar, and The Rev with his drum, and the last is Johnny with his bass. and an amazing music video...! - skt

wow! I an Indonesian people and I can't understand this song but, when I see that video I can understand this song

They said it best: this is like a designer movie!
Which is the truth... none of their other music videos capture this intensity and detail.

The best part is when synester gates is playing a guitar solo while there putting the grave in the ground

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3 A Little Piece of Heaven

The music video makes the song ten times better. This music video is my favorite of theirs.

Why is this #3? This is like everyone's favorite video by them. - rexmar0207

4 So Far Away

The Rev was a great man. Rest in peace jimmy you always made some really great drum tracks and music.

Love this music video

5 Afterlife
6 Almost Easy
7 Bat Country

Nothing beats the Rev killing bats with a fly swatter... Except for the Rev on the drums.R.I.P. jimmy the Rev Sullivan (A7X foREVer! )

8 Dear God
9 Beast and the Harlot

any video with strippers is a good video to me

10 Unholy Confessions

Just because it's probably their best single.

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11 Warmness On the Soul
12 The Stage

The music video takes you to the most gory and violent puppet show ever with a scary twist towards the end.
Not for the faint of heart or those who overthink things.

13 Hail to the King
14 Shepherd Of Fire
15 Burn It Down
16 This Means War
17 Carry On

It's pretty cool how they are in the game - Lem

18 Unholy Confessions (In Memoriam)
19 Chapter Four (Live Footage)
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1. Nightmare
2. So Far Away
3. Bat Country
1. A Little Piece of Heaven
2. Nightmare
3. Afterlife


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