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21 Dear Boy Dear Boy

Superb song with awesome tones. The next version of "i could be the one"!

I don't know, the chorus is just dreamlike, mesmerizing.

So underrated. The chorus gives off so many good vibes. Play this in your car, loud as you can in the summer. It is AMAZING. One of Avicii's best and should be in the top 10 at least.

Great song that deserves to be higher.

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22 Alcoholic Alcoholic
23 Liar Liar Liar Liar

So funky and upbeat

Excellent vocals and lovely upbeat

24 Sweet Dreams Sweet Dreams
25 Street Dancer Street Dancer

Old AVICII style song & it will touch your heart..Vote this

Listen to the Sneaker Fox Remix

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26 Pure Grinding Pure Grinding V 1 Comment
27 Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall V 1 Comment
28 A Sky Full of Stars

I believe it's the best of avicii and I I'm surprised to see that I see this song on 39th!

Good to the ear... Avicii with coldplay... Love it

Best one in my opinion... The voice of Coldplay and the music created by Avicii! Totally worth listening to *.*

The song that brings my favourite two artists together.

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29 Rapture Rapture

One of AVICII's best... The singer has a sweet voice...

This is actually nadia al - rapture (avicii remix)

Just listened to it & came here to see at which position this song is..

30 For a Better Day For a Better Day

This is such an amazing song, and there's such a contrast between the beginning and the chorus. Amazing riffs. I can't understand why this is 31st...

Very simple but sounds pretty cool to me.

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31 Levels (Reverse)
32 Bromance Bromance

One of their first songs... Should be in the top ten... - sam117

This song takes you to a world of imaginations...Perfect

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33 You're Gonna Love Again

I heard song first time it makes me cry...really love this song incredible melody made by avicii...good work on this song

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34 Broken Arrows Broken Arrows

This song is so amazing! I just love the lyrics and everything. Its not one of the most popular songs, but in my opinion its his best song.

This is simply amazing and was shocked to hear that nick grimshaw on bbc radio 1 said avicii had broken his compiuter!
Top 10 PEOPLE!

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35 Blessed

Simply the best ever, never someone will defeat this song BLESSED FOREVER

This song is the best song ever made by a dj. The beats are unequalled. In 2011 this song became a hit in Holland and he deserved it.

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36 Hope There's Someone

One of the best underrated songs... Mind blowing

Awesome Melody and Sweet Singer

Many listen to the first couple of minutes and think: "nah this is bad" But they really should listen to it all espically the drop at the end! Its amazong!

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37 Shame on Me Shame on Me

Best AVICII Song by far. Especially the synth solo. This song deserves more attention.

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38 Enough Is Enough

The main melody is something made from God himself, don't really like the vocals but other than that it is THE most amazing song.

I hope to god someday they'll make an instrumental for this song...

I've been raping the replay button on this song! Absolutely love it!

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39 Drowning (Avicii Remix) Drowning (Avicii Remix)

This song should definitely be higher on the list! I listen to this religiously and never get bored; an awesome collaboration from Armin Van Buuren & Avicii and in my opinion, incredibly underrated.

Everyone who reads should listen to this song, go download it now quickly and come back and tell me you dislike this song. I guarentee you wont. It is fantastic like every other great song by avicii that isn't popular. Pretty much every popular song by avicii is worst than a lot of his other remixes, silhouettes and seek bromance excluded. But check out his remix of rapture, new new new, the last summer and drowning.

It's an amazing song. It's the kind of song you are listening in the club and can be dancing and crying at the same time. Should definitely be inside the top 10.

The best song ever. Listen to it everyday.

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