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61 Long Road to Hell V 1 Comment
62 Malo

It's incredible how Avicii managed to transform a boring Spanish music into something really interesting and musically rich!

Can't believe this one is only on the 37th spot. One of my favourite latin house tunes. Right up there with Flexy - Paris Latino.

63 City Lights

By far one of the best of Stories, reminds me of Levels. Pure awesomeness.

64 Two Million

Terrific Track! Go AVICII

65 Don't Hold Back

Please listen to this song and you will get what Avicii is capable off...

66 One Day
67 Lovers on the Sun

But... I thought this was by guetta...

It shuld be on top 5. How can it be in last. I think song is new and people have not heard it. That is why it is not giving votes

Why is it here? Its not even an Avicii song...Its David Guetta feat.Sam Martin.

Avicii ghost-produced the song, if you couldn't tell by the melody. - iRocketGamer52

68 Heaven
69 Somewhere In Stockholm

It's so emotional and has a good beat. I love it!

V 1 Comment
70 Talk to Myself

I think It's the best song on both the Stories and history of Avicii. Both melody and the lyrics makes me feel so much things every time I listen It!

Hello my name is Maxim and I love this song more than life itself.

I got my friend hooked on Avicii with this song.

71 Morten - Beautiful Heartbeat (Avicii Remix)
72 Edom
73 Back Where I Belong
74 Without You

This song is so good it's my absolute favorite, even though the official version has yet to be released. - crossie

75 Collide
76 2013 Is Here V 1 Comment
77 Even

Guys! Give this a listen, the most under-rated song. Listen to this in your car and feel the magic. Remember RANA ABHI for advising you this song

78 Itrack
79 Tweet It
80 Dreaming of Me
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