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81 Alive
82 Ten More Days Ten More Days

Sounds like it could be a bond song!

83 City Lights City Lights

By far one of the best of Stories, reminds me of Levels. Pure awesomeness.

84 Derezzed Derezzed

This song, to me at least feels so underrated. I think this remix needs some more praise for what its worth. - iRocketGamer52

85 Snus Snus
86 SOS

This has rihanna and avicii with usher awesome man its the jam it should be #1

87 Jailbait Jailbait
88 Ryu Ryu
89 Look Closer
90 Bad Romance
91 Sound of Now Sound of Now
92 So Excited So Excited
93 Take It to the Top
94 Stay With You

This is an amazing song, deserves to be #2 after SIlhouettes - The piano in this song is just pure love

95 Sunburst

That's a great song! Trust in me guys, Listen to that!

96 Holiday

We need way more votes this song is amazing

97 Miami Snake

The best snake beat I ever heard

98 Moonlight

You HAVE to listen to this! Its called levels 5 moonlight! Everyone loves levels, but this is even better!

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99 Escape Me (Avicii Remix) Escape Me (Avicii Remix)
100 Magic
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