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1 Under My Skin

Under My Skin is my diary. It will always remain one of my favorite records. I wish Avril made more songs similar to the ones in this record such as "Take Me Away", "My Happy Ending", and "Forgotten". 10 out of 10

I was so ecstatic when I saw this was the top. It has so many songs that are so true. Songs like: He Wasn't, Freak Out, and How Does It Feel, are like, my life! I really recommend them. Nobody's Home can be a very depressing song, but if you're having a rough day or life, it can make you feel like you're not alone.

Very deep, with great songs like my happy ending & don't tell me

Avril's best album by far and one of the best albums in the modern era. I'm more into classic rock and metal but I can't ignore the cool music on this record and it's actually closer to rock than her other albums and that's make me like it even better.
Also the lyrics are deep and dark and the entire vibe reminds me of Fallen by Evanescence which is another favorite of mine and while Avril is not as talented as Amy Lee her skills are still great for her genre and even though she was only 19 she delivered one hell of a Pop - Rock album.

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2 Let Go

Best album. Usually the first is the worst for singers because they've never made an album before and don't have any experience in what people like and what stuff to put in the album, but this is one of the times where the first was the best. I love all of these songs. Under My Skin, The Best Damn Thing, Goodbye Lullaby and Avril Lavigne are great, but this is definitely her BEST.

While under my skin is very good, this song tops it. This is not only my favorite Avril Lavigne album, it's my all time favorite album. It perfects literally everything. My only wish is the B-side song "Let Go" had been included as the last track - mikeisawesome44

Her first and best album

The opening track 'Losing Grip' sums up the entire album. Her best effort by far. 'Complicated' will remain, most likely, forever her most popular song.

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3 The Best Damn Thing

"HOT" is her best song so this is her best album. Also, Innocence, Girlfriend, Contagious, The Best Damn Thing, Keep Holding On etc are very good too.

Very cool Avril album. When You're Gone and Hot are my favorite singles by her - Magnolia

The ballad songs of this album make me think that this album is the best album ever. also there are powered songs like girlfriend & the best damn thing

DAMN my favorite album to jack off to thanks avril! :))

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4 Goodbye Lullaby

I love this album so much, it holds one of the best songs she made, smile! Also, wish you were here, push, not enough and everybody hurts are really good songs.

Has a lot of score and effort and all that thing than others... Got a lot of nice songs. Love it The album as a whole's great...

The best music is timeless and this album is her moment that will stand the test of time. It will always sound good.

So hard to choose,but I love Avril's sad,emotional songs. Also the upbeat songs in this album like Smile or What the Hell are great. Plus, If this album was never created there would be NO WISH YOU WERE HERE! Goodbye Lullaby is Avril at her best.

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5 Avril Lavigne

But this new album is so great have bitchin summer rock n roll let me go and here's to never growing up hit the chart on myx #1 - Blackstars

This New album is great.. Here's to never growing up, rock n roll and seventeen are nice songs.

It's an amazing album.

So much MASTERPIECES like Hello Heartache, Hush Hush, Falling Fast, Give You What You Like and Rock N Roll.

Definitely, not her best album. Avril Lavigne ditched her pop-punk sound with Goodbye Lullaby, which is her most mellow and monotonous album. Despite this, Goodbye Lullaby wasn't a bad album. In this new record Avril Lavigne has changed a little more. It has some great songs (Give you what you like, Hello heartache, Hush hush, etc), despite it sounds more commercial and ordinary. But there are also some bad songs, just like Hello Kitty, Bit**n' Summer, Ain't seen nothing yet and Sippin' on sunshine. In general, this is her emptiest album (lyrically speaking) and the most commercial. To be honest, I thought it would be better because her husband (Chad Kroeger) helped her writting this album. It's hard to think how two great songwriters made such an empty record. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike this album, but I think that she can do so much better than this. I give the album a 6 out of 10.

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6 Avril Lavigne: The Best Damn Tour
7 My World
8 Avril Lavigne: Bonez Tour 2005 - Live at Budokan
9 Try and Shut Me Up EP
10 Live Acoustic (2004)


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11 Angus Drive EP
12 Girlfriend
13 B-Sides

This album represents the true Avril, way before she surrendered to the record labels and made commercial music.
Not that the album is not commercial as some of the songs are really catchy and simple, but it has some honesty and magic to it.
I think that some songs like I Don't Give and Headset are brilliant and better than many of her hits and album tracks, maybe not her best album but still a worthy one and much better than her albums from The Best Damn Thing until her self titled album, I would give it 7.5/10 because you can hear that she is still young and need some work to be done but her songs were good lyrically and musically at this point.

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