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1 Sail

It is just legendary; you can't talk about AWOLNATION without bringing up Sail. Sail is the masterpiece of AWOLNATION and it is their anthem.

This song will NEVER get old I swear. When you say AWOLNATION, how can your mind not automatically think of Sail?

I think the reason why AN aren't that popular is because this song set the bar too high.

Heard this song at the end of a movie and downloaded it as soon as I got the chance. One of my favourites now.

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2 Kill Your Heroes

One of my favorite songs, period. Great lyrics and a VERY catchy chorus!

The lyrics and melody contradict each other in such an amazing way. Pure genius song.

A catchy song about how everyone will go eventually, but we still need to carry on like it may be our last day.

The song is catchy and I like the positive meaning

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3 Not Your Fault

I LOVE THIS SONG. Can't figure out if Sail or this song is better. This song is just addictive. Pure addiction. - E115EnRaged935

This is an amazing song. it makes me so angry that only sail has been recognized when there are so many other amazing songs by Awolnation.

I believe this songs better than sail in the way that it has more meaning my vote was either going to this or kill your heroes

Issa good song

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4 Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)

This is their greatest song. The mixture or hard rock and alternative is awesome. The guitar and screaming towards the end is awesome. - bobby112095

This song is one of the best songs on their best album yet!

This song is very good. It will go higher in rankings, hopefully. This is the second song I fell in love with (1st=Sail)

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5 Jump on My Shoulders

"Everybody it's ok if
you're mad at what I'm saying.
Make peace, baby shake my hand because"

Amazing. - Lyi

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6 Wake Up

This is honestly my favorite on the album, amazing lyrics and an awesome melody. I love all of Awolnation's songs, and Sail is a great song but Wake Up really takes the prize for me. It's one of those catchy songs I'm always coming back to.

This song is honestly better than Sail. I love this songs upbeat rhythm and the power it has after the intro.

This song is incredible! SO GOOD!

Hmmm... AWOLNATION... I dunno, they're not bad I guess, but... WAIT- WOAH- WHAT IS THIS SONG? DAMN. Thumbs up to AWOLNATION.

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7 Thiskidsnotalright

This song is awesome. Just added it to my playlist for running and I keep playing it on repeat.

I love this song. The video is cool, too. by the way it's all caps: THISKIDSNOTALRIGHT

8 People

First song I've ever heard of them. Probably I would have never start listening to them without hearing this song in serial.

9 All I Need

This song always gets me. Ever since the concert... Aaron sang this sitting on an amplifier and waving his hands back and forth. That... is All I Need.

10 Guilty Filthy Soul

This song hits me and resonates so hard! I love it!

Arguably their best song they've ever created.

Deserving of a spot in the top 5. It's such an amazing song!

Amazing Song. I always sing this song to my sister.

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11 Like People, Like Plastic

This is the BEST song off there album, Run! - McMuffins

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12 Burn It Down

This high paced song just increased my adrenaline level!

Great guitar riff - BrianScott01

This one I guess. - Ananya

13 I Am

Hands down favorite song of all time. Powerful message with a catchy beat

Ever since I heard it on red bulls commercial

I was hooked! - AWOLkid

Best song from Run

Cool song

14 Soul Wars

Just makes me dance and sing. Loved their performance of this live!

That's a top five!

Its really good and pumped ya know it have a nice rhythm and its like fast and aggresive and that's what I like

Definitely. This song is wonderful live.

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15 Knights of Shame

Like a complete symphony. Sail is a miracle' whereas this is an incredible masterpiece. Really. It is my sons favourite, I am still split, but this is longer so on that basis it could be my one song to take to desert island.

I just keep coming back to this one. It's the epitome of everything I love about Awolnation, and serves as a big, fat middle finger to anyone who thinks a song shouldn't be longer than three minutes.

Only 11+ min song I always have the patience to listen to - Hoobu_Streetman


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16 MF V 2 Comments
17 Shoestrings

I love this songs it deserves to be a top 10

18 Jailbreak

Probably the only song that can bring to people's heart, in special using the depressing and suicide problem.

AWOLNATION's song "Jailbreak," on their album, "RUN," is by far their best and catchiest song yet.

19 Windows

I keep thinking that a lot of people just do not appreciate these guys (and Aaron specifically) like I do. I think they are awesome, and love the way the songs and music change up within one song.

Best chorus ever. This is definitely one of my favourite songs and although I love all of their songs, in my opinion sail is the worst.

This song is awesome, a masterpiece!

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20 Woman, Woman

Definitely underrated. Always gives me a boost of energy to head into a graveyard shift at the hospital.

Easily their most underrated song

My favorite its lit

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