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21 Black

I'm a woman and I buy this for myself because it smells so good.

Love this one

I think it smells... well how to say... perfect and decent.


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22 Gold Temptation

Gold Temptation is by far the best smelling... Always have girls asking what kind of cologne I have on

The best-- panty dropper

23 Alaska
24 Twist

The best axe body wash scent ever. Too bad it was discontinued.

Wish they would make it again. Really liked it

This the ultimate axe hybrid formulate.

Just paid $ 51.99 plus $5.99 shipping for 3 cans of Twist, lol. Hope they bring it back.

25 Black Chill

Awesome smell

Dope bruh

26 Bergamot

Discover the Power of Subtlety.

27 Adrenalin
28 Forest
29 Air
30 Cool Metal

Even guys comment on the spray, appeals to both sexes.

Never fails smells perfect

31 Blast

Strong and spicy fragrance

32 Gold

I think this could possibly be the fifth best smelling AXE Cologne in my opinion necause it is for likemcasual and professional use.

33 Harmony V 1 Comment
34 Axe Wild Spice V 1 Comment
35 Rise

I used this before and it smelled alright. Then I started using Apollo and my life was instantly changed forever


36 Musk

Smels like barbershop. Love this smell but can't find it in local stores.

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37 Unlimited
38 Summer
39 Intense Signature
40 Malibu
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