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1 Cold

Not upto mark... To be the top one among Axewound's other songs.
Vultures is The Best...

Amazing awesome song this is one of the best songs I heard in 2013
Also the video is very good, matt tuck beast guitarist
Exorchrist is a very good song too I love it
I really love cold best song of axewound its just so amazing

2 Vultures

This song truly shows what modern day heavy metal is about, and because of this, it's back. The intro is incredibly wrote and played, the heaviness is just awesome. I have no faults to state about this song. ♥

Just awesome Among these...
Synyster is the Metal God...
Loved this song...
Awesome Solo... Is the #1 in Album...

3 Exorchrist

Awesome riffs, killing vocals, blasting drumming. No metalcore debut song can ever be as good as this track.

4 Collide
5 Victim of the System
6 Post Apocalyptic Party
7 Church of Nothing

It deserve to be the no. 1
awesome solo... And melody.. Lyrics is awesome

8 Destroy
9 Burn Alive
10 Blood Money and Lies
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