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1 Roam

Love this one everything about it is amazing - mneilan

Amazing song this one should be number 2 - mneilan

This Song Should Be Number 2 Or 3 - mneilan

2 Love Shack

This song should be number 1, Roam should be number 2 and Rock Lobster should be number 3 - mneilan

Great Song Amazing Rock Dance Song - mneilan

Classic song that everyone knows - mneilan

3 Rock Lobster

Good song great guitar drums singing and bass sweet tune one of the best songs of the 70s amazing all round guitar so good with the bass too amazing great drumming this song needs more votes

This is the song that defines their status as a legendary "Dance Party" band

Amazing drums, bass, guitar

4 Private Idaho

My all-time favorite. What a GROOVE! This song is overlooked a lot but I like it even more than Love a smidgen!

Along with party out of the bounds and give me back my man, should be #1, #2 and #3

This speaks to me. Private Idaho has become a meme.

5 52 Girls
6 Meet the Flintstones

I guess me voting for this song means I support its choice which I don't. Seriously people this song isn't even close to their best and Dance this Mess Around and Party Out of Bounds didn't even make the list until I just added them at 32 ad 33. Go with their early classics and some from Cosmic Thing but not Meet the Flintstones. Guess the old folks who really listened to their music aren't very well represented here

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7 Planet Claire
8 Mesopotamia
9 Devil In My Car

I love this song! Super catchy - Knucklewood

10 Good Stuff

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11 Wig

Sweet! It's in the top 10! It definitely deserves to be up here. Nothing beats a fun, colorful, good-natured song that'll make you smile. I never knew a song about wigs would be so incredible!

12 Legal Tender
13 Deadbeat Club
14 Give Me Back My Man
15 Lava
16 Strobe Light
17 Song for a Future Generation
18 Summer of Love
19 Party Out of Bounds
20 6060-842
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1. Rock Lobster
2. Devil In My Car
3. Love Shack
1. Love Shack
2. Roam
3. Rock Lobster
1. Private Idaho
2. Rock Lobster
3. Devil In My Car

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