Best Back to the Future Scenes

The Top Ten Best Back to the Future Scenes

George Punches Biff Out Cold (Parts I & 2)

This is the most memorable scene! - BloDayBey

This the best scene ever when the small guy beats the big guy. I love it in movies when the underdog wins. This was a victory for all geeks everywhere! - westofohio

Marty On Stage Singing Johnny B Goode (Part I)


This is my favorite part in BTTF. - Ihateschool

Yah yah chuck this is your cousin marv--marvin you know
That new sound you've been looking for well listen to THIS

Probably one of the best rock songs of all time - Ajkloth

Marty Got Kissed By His Mother (Part I)

The Calvin Klein part was funny - Ihateschool

I don’t know what it is, but when I kiss you, it’s like I’m kissing... my brother. - MetalMania

Biff / Marty Chase Through Town 2015 (Part II)
Biff / Marty Chase Through Town 1955 (Part I)
Marty Knocks Out Biff With Car Door On Roof (Part II)

Biff deserves it - Ihateschool

Biff Tannen Museum Video (Part II)
Lightning Bolt 10:04 PM 11/5/55 (Parts I & II)

This is the whole reason why this movie could exist. Without this, we wouldn't have a part 2 or 3. Marty getting back to the future was really iconic and the reason why its called "Back to the Future".

Marty On Stage Singing Johnny B Goode (Part II)

My favorite part in BTTF - Ihateschool

Marty Almost Vanishes from Existence (Part I)

Wow, this should be #1

The Contenders

2015 Biff Gives Himself the Almanac in 1955 (Part II)
Doc Brown's Mind-Reading Device (Part I)
Marty Visits His House in 1985A
Marty's Billie Jean Dance In Saloon (Part III)

It was funny. I didn't expect it at all. - Misfire

Car Chase After Doc Gets Shot (Part I)
Marty Checks the Date in the Newspaper (Part I)
The Whole Trilogy

The whole trilogy to me is one gigantic and climatic scene. Everything from the clocks at the beginning of the first movie to the train destroying the DeLorean in part 3, and then some. This is the coolest movie series of all time. And best of all, they kept it authentic unlike Star Wars.

Doc Faints from the Whiskey (Part III)
1.21 Gigawatts (Part I)
Mad Dog Tannen In Manure (Part III)

Get 'em outta that s**t! - westofohio

Chicken? (Parts 1 & 2)

Nobody. calls. me. chicken. - Misfire

Marty Tries to Get the Almanac from Biff (Part II)
Who's president of the United States in 1985?

Ronald Reagan. The actor? - Ihateschool

Time Machine Reveal (Part 1)

"When this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're gonna some serious sh-" - Misfire

Surprised that this scene isn't on here. The whole reveal and Marty's first time travel scene to get away from the Libyans is the best scene in the whole trilogy. - TermonatorT888

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