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21 Poster Girl

Such a beautiful song. I dedicate this to all those beautiful ladies out there.

Surprised to see this song here...
Definitely a top 10 content...
Maybe unpopular because its one from their new album - shouryat2b

Did A.j mclean said smoking cigarettes after glow until Sun won't rise I don't getting it Love Amanda Hemstreet

22 More Than That

"More than that" is really THE best one. Each time I hear this song I have shivers. I'm really in love with this song, really! Love U guys. Just thanks to exist on this world.

Ita the best! I meAN THE MELODY AND LYRICS! Top 3 at the most! What is wrong with you people! I don't want to live in this world!

This is fabulous song should be in top ten. This is one of the best syncronysed song ever sung! Cheats Backstreet Boys

Love A.j mclean 's voice in this song love Amanda Hemstreet

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23 Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon

Gosh it has a great tune and lyrics I can't stop listening!

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24 Straight Through My Heart

This song rocks! The soldier down part is so awesome!

It is a beautiful song... Nice rhythm with touching lyrics... One of the best songs of Backstreet Boys

I think it's the best song of backstreet boys but it has not got so much popularity because many people have not heard this song

Nick Carter played vampire slayer in the video love Amanda Hemstreet

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25 Soldier

Why is this at the bottom? This is THE best song of Backstreet Boys

I remember in the movie Nick Carter and Brian Littrell argue over this song love Amanda Hemstreet

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26 Get Down (You're The One For Me)

Sexy song with dirty lyrics, the video should have been made better though...

Hi my name is Erin and I like this song. And I love it of get down you're the one for me by the backstreet boys

I will always get down with you Backstreet Boys love Amanda Hemstreet

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27 Never Gone

One of the best song by Backstreet Boys... Surprised to see at this Number. Guys listen this song.. One of the most understated song of Backstreet Boys.. Amazing lyrics

Everyone please listen this song once, it has a deep and very meaningful lyrics, with excellent music and vocals. How come this song is at no. 27?

Oh my god, I was finding this song from the top ^^ what the hell its doing in the end. I think you should listen this song b4 rating any other song...
This is beauty of the backstreet boys. Lyrics is of high quality and in addition to it the rhythem in which this song has been sung by Backstreet Boys is none less than benchmark Listen this one.

Best Backstreet Boys song,Period.

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28 Climbing the Walls

This song takes me to another world

Best song by the backstreet boys...

Best rock song by the backstreet boys

This song should be somewhere in top 10!

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29 Helpless When She Smiles

I love it. Very.

Really rocking lyrics, more than that amazingly sung, good video, & so is the rhythm. Just a COMPLETE SONG...

What this song is doing here should be no. 1. SUch a great vocal song. Best vocal song thanks AJ and Brian for giving us this song

The girl in the video was crying black tears and playing cello love Amanda Hemstreet

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30 Back to Your Heart

You listen to it when your love is sitting by your side... you feel what love is... in its true sense... touches your heart every time you listen to it

The greatest love song! Thank you Kevin for writing this. I am hoping that with Kevin's return, this song will be performed once again!

Whenever I'm sad I just listen to this song and it makes my day!

Love the piano playing in this song love Amanda Hemstreet

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31 We've Got It Goin' On

WHAT!? How is this in 17th place!? This was one of their first ever songs and is still easily one of their best. Should be in the top 10!

Backstreet boys we're got it going on

I guess A.j mclean was a little rapper back than and really good at pool he said he played it when ever since he was six years old Love Amanda Hemstreet

Shama zinc

32 Masquerade

Seriously such a melodious song on 37? It deserves to be in top 15

33 Crawling Back to You

amazing song! has to be in the top ten
- becoolking

WHAT THE HELL! No.30?!? It deserves no. 1. This is the most melodious Backstreet Boys' song. Can't pass even one day without listening to it. Highly underrated in this list. Listen to it once before voting.

Definitely should be in the top 5,
Awesome song, highly underrated,
Just Listen to it once before voting. - shouryat2b

I just love this song!

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34 If I Knew Then

It is best song in the album-THIS IS US!
I can't imagine why people hate this song but this song was, is and would be my favorite forever after!
I also think that this should be at top of the best song list!


Very good song and superior music must listen

35 This is Us

A very sweet song!
Its just that the world finds "BOYBANDS" to be gays that this song has not got recognition that it deserves!
A well compiled albums with a different style unlike the usual Backstreet Boys flick! But even after years Backstreet Boys still manages to make pleasing tunes!
VERY nice composition along with fab lyrics! Yes Backstreet Boys this is you n this is us the Backstreet Boys FANS!
Backstreet Boys you rock no matter what! KEEPING THE BACKSTREET PRIDE ALIVE!

When I hear this song I cry every time. I don't know why don't anyone vote this song. Come on vote this song cause this song deserves to be in top 10 list

Awesome song!
I love it very much!
it makes me feel happy and blissful!
Love it!

Great song...

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36 Bigger

Bigger is an awesome song and even more nice as it has been shot in Japan. It is personally one of my favorites. Well, I'm loving it and will hope that others would like it too. Just try to listen it.

I don't understand how it is so low. It is one of my favorites... Should be in the top 5 at least

Wow awesome... Backstreet Boys the best

I can't believe it is so low on the list while it should be bigger!

37 Undone

This song is perfect, I like it very much.

38 Unmistakable

Really shocked to see it on #84...
It DESERVES to be at #1.
Just because it has no video doesn't mean that it is inferior to Show Me The Meaning...
A must-listen for Backstreet Boys fans... KTBSPA!

It is an amazing song with really cool lyrics.
It shows the anticipation of a person who is waiting for the love of his life.
Really touching...

Great song! One of the better songs they have done. Wouldn't mind more of this type in the future.

Must be in top tens...very touching song

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39 I Still...

What the heck is this doing at the bottom. I half expected it to be top 5. This is one of their better songs

I remember I had this song before, but I never actually listened to it. I just put my player on shuffle and this song came up which was my only Backstreet Boys song I had at that moment and I was literally speechless when I first heard it.

I was like "Who the heck is singin this song? "
And that is my story of how I found Backstreet Boys.

This will always be my favorite song

This song is what hooked me to the backstreet boys. I just love brian's smooth velvety voice in this and kevin's part was great. The video is also really good

? #77! You got to be kidding me. No way. This definitely has to be in top 10 fella. Its just ridiculous.

I was there at the very beginning when Backstreet Boys began and have followed them since then.
This is one of my top 3 songs from them.

Seriously? 36th place! I say it again, 36!

The emotion in the lyrics, the old tale about the one that got away. Beautiful.

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40 Siberia

Good music and kevin part is amazing this should be in the top

My favourite song ever.

I LOVE Siberia by backstreet boys

This song song so good, perfect no words to describe just the best song so nice this is best song of backstreet boys
Juust listen this song guys
You'll surely like it makes me cry

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