Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely


they are the best band that I met ever!
i from israel so I listen to mizrahit and they because of them
i listen mtv and meet a songs with a meaning not just a song
a song that about something how they sing an they acces this amazing
and this is the best song too.

now I write a songs myself in english and hebrew and and ll my feelings I write in the songs and because of them there is a meaning to this /

One of the few lists I've seen where I've agreed with the top song unconditionally. Backstreet Boys had two sides to them, the well known fun, dancing boy band side... And then the deep, pulling at the heartstrings side. This represented the depth of the band and has their most fantastic lyrics. Epic song all-together.

Best song ever I listened... And best quality of lyrics written by them they are amazing

Its wonderful song I can't live without this song

Backstreets are inconsolable

It's the tales of my heart! I want the felling!

Thanks Backstreet Boys for the tale of my heart. I love this song.

I believe this is the best song ever. First time when I heard this song I was only 10 and don't even know the meaning of this song but still liked it. And today even after 10 years I am still listening to this song. Incredible song. And very close to my heart.

I love them so much it's unbelievable! I love every single song they've made they're absolutely the best boys band ever and this song show me the meaning of being lonely... It makes me cry every time I listen to it.. Love you guys

This song touches my heart. Each and every scene, lyric and music! Listening to this song, I get a feeling that if I had really lost a loved one. This song shows me the meaning and state of being lonely...

I like the backstreet boys but if they plan to stay alive the gotta try and make some more tracks that everyone can relate to and not just teen girls. It would be a shame to see such a great group be forgotten. Rock on!

The band took a risk singing this song during their career high where love songs was in the air. I loved the band for taking that leap and singing about losing someone special. Everyone connected to it. It became a classic.

Wow.. This is my favorite song... It's the best of the best.. I can't pass my day without listening to it.. It's full of romance and makes me very emotional.. I love it

Touching song! Just superb, no one can deny that its beautiful! I love you Backstreet Boys... keep rocking, this song is addictive! Awesome, amazing, a must-listen!

Backstreet Boys, I love you... Thank you very much for giving the world such a tremendous heart touching song... I just wish that I could be back in those golden days of yours...

The song for heartbroken guys. Listen it million times but then also songs as fresh as the first time. The lyrical genius. Heart touching. Thanks Backstreet Boys.

Almost every person who likes Backstreet Boys and listens to this song feels like crying, because of the passion and the heart in it. It makes me feel emotional.

The song gets me into an entirely different world each time I listen to it. Best of the best! It relates to a number of bonds in reality. This song means so much to me.

The best best and best song I've ever heard. It is simply awesome. Almost every day listen to this song. Even all of my friends do the same.

The song just relate your heart to the person whom you love a lot... Thanks for presenting us such a wonderful song Backstreet Boys... you guys rock...

Actually I listen only telugu songs when I heard this song I started listening English songs this is the most beautiful song that I heard

This is obviously the best song of Backstreet Boys, and also my favourite... Why is the calling is not in the top 10? It should be, come on vote that!

wow... its so nice song... I like this song very much... b'cz it makes me an emo... and its very romantic.. I love backstreet boys...

My Favorite song. Thanks Backstreet Boys for singing such song. This song always touches my mind. It reminds me about my loved one.

( backstreet boys) tell me why I can't be there were you are

Most perfect song ever... If god had to make a song, it would be this... Listening for almost two decades and still echoes in my mind..

Sometimes Face The Same Question In My Mind. When I Feel Lonely It Gives Me The Company. I Just Love It and I Promise I Will...

This is my number one song.. I had downloaded it and I listen to it every time after studying.. It is a reflection to my life