Best Bad Religion Albums

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1 Stranger Than Fiction

1. Stranger than Fiction (1994)
2. How Could Hell be any Worse (1982)
3. No Control (1989)
4. True North (2013)
5. Against the Grain (1990)
6. The Empire Strikes First (2004)
7. Into the Unknown (1983)
8. Generator (1992)
9. Suffer (1988)
10. The New America (2000)
11. Recipe for Hate (1993)
12. The Process of Belief (2002)
13. No Substance (1998)
14. New Maps of Hell (2007)
15. The Grey Race (1996)
16. The Dissent of Man (2010)

2 No Control

Stone cold classic. Faster than Suffer and in my opinion contains more of their best songs than Against The Grain. First one I bought and it blew me away.

Its just a banger

Why the hell are their Atlantic period so high up, their holy trilogy should come first

The only album even close to this masterpiece is Suffer

3 The Gray Race
4 Suffer

I bought suffer and then a thesaurus.

Way ahead in that period!

5 The Empire Strikes First

Very solid album. All songs are very good.

6 Against the Grain
7 The Process of Belief

This one is just great. Killer melodies, and just overall great songs with wonderful lyrics.

I love all there albums so much but this has always been my favorite by them.

8 Recipe for Hate

1: Recipe For Hate 10/10
2: Stranger Than Fiction 10/10
3: Against The Grain 10/10
4: The Gray Race 9.5/10
5: No Control 9.5/10
6: No Substance 9/10
7: Suffer 9/10
8: True North 8.5/10
9: New Maps of Hell 8/10
10: The Empire Strikes First 8/10
11: The Process of Belief 7.5/10
12: Generator 7/10
13: The Dissent of Man 6/10
14: The New America 5.5/10
15: How Could Hell Be Any Worse? 4.5/10
16: Into The Unknown 4/10

Highly expiremental but actually good, best BR album ever. Every track is awesome, my favorite is Skyscraper.

Seharusnya nomer 1 bung

9 Generator
10 True North

1. Empire Strikes First
2. True North
3. Suffer
4. Stranger Than Fiction
5. No Control
6. How Could Hell be Any Worse
7. Against the Grain

True North is very good. While I don't have all of Bad Religions albums, the ones listed above are the ones that I do own, and True North is honestly one of their best. Quite an underrated album in Bad Religions catalogue, these guys put a lot of hard work into this one.

The Contenders

11 The Dissent of Man
12 How Could Hell Be Any Worse?

Really great punk record!

Their best... Huge fan of B.R but if I have to choose just one then it will be HCHBAW?

Remember when bad religion was a hardcore band? that was awesome.

13 New Maps of Hell
14 No Substance

This album is the hardest rocking of all of them. Blistering guitar solos coupled with unmatched melodic lyricism. An underrated album, but definitely my favorite of the bunch.

15 The New America
16 Bad Religion
17 Age of Unreason
18 Into the Unknown
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1. No Control
2. Against the Grain
3. Suffer
1. Stranger Than Fiction
2. Against the Grain
3. Generator
1. The Gray Race
2. Stranger Than Fiction
3. No Control

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