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1 American Jesus American Jesus

Awesome song

2 Infected Infected

Guitar Hero for the win! This tune was my childhood all over!

A somewhat dark song, but also beautifully written and incredibly catchy.

This song is great. Its title is appropriate as the guitars and hooks of the song are very infectious. - TheListLord

Fantastic song!

3 You You

This song is awesome. It's my favorite punk song.

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2

4 21st Century (Digital Boy)

One of the best videos ever made. The song itself is even better. Great harmonizing.

5 Punk Rock Song

It's awesome

6 I Want to Conquer the World

High energy, great meaning, packs a lot of punch. The energy delivered makes me want to run around, while the lyrics make me think thoroughly about the world around us. An absolute classic with no air play... Can't get much better than this!

I relate a lot

7 Sorrow

Easily top 3

A perfect song, with perfect sound and lyrics!

Sorrow is number one. Then struck a nerve. 3rd suicide

8 Generator
9 No Control
10 Supersonic

I love this song - 3 -

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? Hear It

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11 Do What You Want

Love the lyrics! Short but powerful! - Amz_P

12 Anesthesia

Just listen to it. It's their musical magnum opus. Melody line is perfect, really catchy, despite not being as powerful as other BR songs. Pure perfection.

13 Big Bang

A great song, great vocal harmonies, may not be the best, but needs to be higher on the list. Give it a listen.

"Big Bang, Big Crunch
You know there's no free lunch" - cjWriter1997

14 Anxiety
15 Progress
16 Voice of God is Government
17 New Dark Ages
18 Part III

Great song! I love that opening bass line.

19 Yesterday
20 You are (The Government)
21 Epiphany
22 The Devil in Stitches
23 Pity
24 Billy

My favourite Bad Religion song. Such a classic!
Great guitar riffs
Great lyrics

An overall punk classic. - Gasmaskboi19371945

25 Better Off Dead
26 The Positive Aspects of Negative Thinking
27 Modern Man
28 All There Is
29 Los Angeles is Burning

Absolute TOP!

30 Along the Way

Best lyrics,good vocal and Song!

31 We're Only Gonna Die


32 Broken
33 True North

When I find true north!

34 Faith Alone
35 Give You Nothing
36 Part IV (The Index Fossil)
37 When?
38 Skyscraper
39 F*** Armageddon...This Is Hell
40 Boot Stamping on a Human Face Forever
41 Stranger Than Fiction

Catchy repetitious guitar with deep and allusive lyrics.

42 God's Love
43 Sometimes I Feels Like
44 Beyond Electric Dreams
45 Hooray for Me

Best song on stranger than fiction

46 Ten In 2010


47 Too Much to Ask
48 Part II (The Numbers Game)
49 Forbidden Beat
50 Fertile Crescent
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1. American Jesus
2. 21st Century (Digital Boy)
3. Do What You Want
1. I Want to Conquer the World
2. Big Bang
3. When?
1. Voice of God is Government
2. Anesthesia
3. Part III

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