Best Bad Video Games

Sure it's easy to say a game is bad and you hate it. But what about games that despite being bad we can honestly say we enjoy? These games despite being poor still have entertainment value, and I guess that's something, right?

The Top Ten

1 Plumbers Don't Wear Ties

Quite possibly the most pathetic excuse for a video game ever. A slideshow of still images with crazy filters representing a softcore porno with hammy voice overs, a narrator with a chicken mask and pandas in a racecar? I DARE you to play this game without laughing.

2 Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

Nothing stops a furiously fast truck. No collision, no map boundries not even a speed cap on the reverse gear. You could potentially go up to 190 billion MPH and beyond.

3 Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

This game is all about exploration. The way the game is badly glitched allows you to break boundries, get characters into levels they're not supposed to be in, play the game in a style unintended by the developers and the amusement never ends. Will you be the next great explorer into the glitch heaven that is Sonic 06?

4 CrazyBus

It's brilliant at easing newcomers into the game, is not needlessly complicated and the music is the most breathtakingly beautiful harmony to ever grace the human ears, it's presence cannot be matched.

5 Night Trap

A game where you have to switch security cameras to catch the most over the top criminals during a party with possibly even more over the top teenage girls? That sounds like fun that I want in on.

6 The Simpson's Wrestling

The fighting combat is completely broken, but if you can get the many loving references to the show then this game is pretty much one big fangasm.

7 Gigolo

Wrong on so many levels, but let's be honest here. Who wouldn't want this to happen to them?

8 Mega Man 8

I certainly don't play this game for the gameplay. I play it to hear how they really went out of their way to get awful voice actors. Mega Man sounds more like a girl than Roll, Dr Light is voiced by Elmer Fudd and Duo is barely even hearable.

9 Lester the Unlikely

"Wow! The new issue of Super Duper Hero Squad is the best ever! I just wish I could afford to buy a copy of each of this issue's 52 covers. That'd show the guys how cool I am. "
Let that set as a tone for the kind of nerd you play as in Lester the Unlikely.

10 Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

Who's bad? WHO'S BAD? This game is bad. Bad touch. Pedo jokes aside the awesome 16 bit renditions of Michael Jackson songs and being able to pull of his signature dance moves make this worth a play.

The Contenders

11 Bible Adventures
12 Gunlok

Released in the early 21st century, this game is about Robots taking over the planet from humans, and a few rebels fighting for restoration. Very underrated, declared a flop, but is very good to play. - jimmy12lee

13 Sonic R

I hate it but I can't stop playing it

14 Link: The Faces of Evil
15 Zelda: Wand of Gamelon
16 Hotel Mario
17 Earthworm Jim 3D
18 Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout

Honestly,This Game is both good and bad

19 Dragon Ball Z Sagas

This game isn't as bad as people say it is

20 Tomorrow Never Dies
21 Ehrgeiz: God Bless The Ring
22 Enter the Matrix
23 Sonic and the Secret Rings
24 Bubsy 3D
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