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1 Baby Blue

We all know this is currently number 1 because of Breaking Bad :P and you know what, I don't mind because the show gave this song so much meaning. After all, it was the best show I've ever had the pleasure of watching.

This song was worthy of the last moment of the best television series ever made... what else can be said.

2 Day After Day

This song is amazing. It deserves to be number one because it's so beautiful! I also find it to be sad... - MontyPython

3 No Matter What

This melody is needed. I donÂ't know how to explain, but it is simple and catchy and necessary to be here. I mean, melodies such as Yesterday, Smoke on the WaterÂ's riff, Brown Sugar, Another Brick in the Wall AND No Matter What, after done canÂ't ever be taken back anymore. GREAT SONG, HUGE inspiration product. Love it.

4 Without You
5 Dennis

It is the queen's bohemian rhapsody

6 Name of the Game
7 Perfection

So many great aspects...Pete Ham's voice, guitars, great percussion, message. From one of the best LP's ever, STRAIGHT UP.

8 Come and Get It

Surprising that Paul McCartney would give a song of this high quality away, especially when it's better than a lot of songs on Let It Be... nevertheless, a solid performance by the band, arguably their catchiest song (in a line of many catchy tunes).

9 Lonely You
10 Timeless

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11 I Can Love You
12 Knocking Down Our Home
13 Take It All
14 Lost Inside Your Love
15 Dear Angie
16 Love Is Easy
17 Rock 'N' Roll Contract
18 Sweet Tuesday Morning
19 We're for the Dark

Pete Ham's voice, luscious strings, haunting of the great hidden gems of all music, packed away on side two of NO DICE

20 Maybe Tomorrow
21 Meanwhile Back at the Ranch / Should I Smoke

An underrated medley from the overlooked Wish You Were Here album, not their best, but great nonetheless.

22 Believe Me
23 Lay Me Down
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1. Baby Blue
2. Day After Day
3. Dennis
1. Dennis
2. Baby Blue
3. Name of the Game
1. Day After Day
2. Name of the Game
3. Perfection


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